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Dear friends y bibliotecarias,

I was asked to post a hit.  Muchas gracias to all who responded.
My original question:

Hello and Hola,
My Spanish teachers and I are trying to figure out the best Spanish word or
phrase for SHELF MARKER. You know, those handy long things the kids mark their
 spot on the shelf with as they are browsing. It's not a word one would find
in a  dictionary.  Can anyone offer a suggestion? We have dual-language
classes  in my school, and I have a bi-lingual Library Word Wall in the library.
Since I posted this, my Spanish teacher pal came up with SEPARADOR
(separator).  I like it.

Your suggestions:
- marcador del estante from Google  Translate.

- Indicador de librero? Indicador de estante?

- My Spanish teacher suggests: la marca de la balda  which means the  mark of
the shelf. She claims it's the best she can come up with. She used
_www.wordreference.com_ (  Buena suerte

- The phrase that we ended up using was the equivalent to place marker,
marcador de lugares, or book marker, marcador de libros (though that can be
confusing when you use bookmark which is said the same way.

- If nothing else, you could look up the word bookmark in the dictionary,
then look up shelf and replace the "libro" part of "bookmark" with whatever
comes up as "shelf". Just a sort of "down & dirty" method from someone who
speaks only a little Spanish

- One of my bilingual teachers calls it a markador. Haven't an idea of how
she spells it.

- I work in a bilingual school, and even when I'm with a Spanish group I
always say "shelf marker". (Sort of Spanglish: Por favor, usen los shelf
markers!). Sometimes I called them "Marcadores de estante" o "Marcadores", but  it's
sometimes confusing because they think I'm talking about bookmarks.

- In South America (where I used to work) we just resorted to  "Shelf-marker"
because I could think of nothing else. Not all the kids could get  it out
right, but it is close enough that we can get by.

- My student from Uruguay said marca libros.

Thank you for your help!
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