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I agree with Jill, too. With my limited budget (under $400.00), I want
every book to hold up. If someone gives me books that do not have
binding, I pass them on the the classroom libraries unless they are
something really special.
I also do not have the time to do cataloging and processing (except of
the occasional video that we are able to purchase/get free) as I have
multiple jobs in my school and no help except for the occasional
volunteer. We have had a "homemade" circulation system (since 2000)
through the internet that accepts data from jobber's data disks quite
I mainly use BTSB and Follett when BTSB does not have the title. I
occasionally use other vendors, but unfortunately it does not take much
time to spend my budget or any money that I can raise through magazine
solicitations (excellent fundraiser!) book fairs and/or memorial
Deb Hendrickson

Deborah J. Hendrickson
Media Specialist/Technology Leader
Westernport Elementary School
172 Church Street
Westernport, MD 21562
On Saturday, January 22, 2005, at 05:27 PM, Tony L. Pope wrote:

> I agree with Jill.  I was even thinking about the previous posting
> while
> walking on the treadmill at the gym!  Ha...  Go  figure!!!  I
> primarily use Bound
> to Stay Bound, but will go to  Sagebrush Books if BTSB doesn't have a
> particular title.  I've compared  prices and sometimes have found BTSB
> to even be
> cheaper than others.  Out  of 16 years in the library I've never had A
> BTSB book
> with poor pages, weak  spines and never had one to tall apart.  I
> can't say
> that about  others...even Sagebrush.  I had to have the same book
> replaced three
> or  four times through Sagebrush after only a few checkouts each time.
>  While
>  that was rare and they have a lifetime replacement policy, it still
> took a
> lot  of time to process the replacements.
> We had a Barnes & Noble open here about two years ago and this  past
> fall we
> did a book fair with them at their store.  We didn't make much  (about
> $80),
> but afterwards our contact there began talking to me about buying  our
> library
> books through them.  When I mentioned about "library bound"  quality
> books,
> she said oh ours are library bound!  I think only media  specialists
> and our
> special vendors understand the term...ha...
> Last year I had a father come to us after sending a note home about a
> book
> the son had lost.  He came in to pay for it...then when we told him it
> was
> about $17+ (can't remember the amount) he told my parapro that he
> would  just
> order it cheaper from  She explained to him the
> difference.  I think
> they ended up finding the book!
> Best wishes,
> Tony Pope, Library Media Specialist
> McHenry Primary School
> 100 McHenry Drive
> Rome, GA 30161
> _Pope1966@aol.com_ (

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