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Thank you for the replies for information on the magazine, The  Week, to
include in a  high school library.  I only  received positive reviews.  Here they
are in no particular order:
-Diane Mustin, Librarian, Unionville High School, Kennet Sq. PA
_gottocall@aol.com_ (

I love this magazine and have been receiving it for  about two years.  I even
sent my daughter a subscription when she began  graduate school and didn't
have alot of time to study the news in-depth. Current  news, movies,
music,books, and even real estate are featured.
I enjoy  reading editorials and op-ed pieces reproduced from regional
sourcesso that I  can get a sense of differing points of view, as opposed to
continually reading  newspapers and magazines which may be liberally or 
Every New Years Eve the editor of the week joins our  well-respected local
NPR talk show host, Brian Leher for a call-in news quiz on  the year's events. I
suggest you go ahead and give it a try. IMHO, every college  student should
be given a subscription as a graduation gift.

Suzanne  Metz, LMS
Robert R. Lazar Middle School
123 Changebridge Rd.
Montville,  New Jersey
973-331-4170, ext. 229
_smetz@montville.net_ (

I also had requests for it. Now that we
are taking it I have to say I am  impressed.
I think it tries very hard to cover all sides of the
issue. It  is at least as balanced as Newsweek or USA

Mary G.  Milligan
St. Luke's Episcopal School
15 St. Luke's Lane
San Antonio,  Tx. 78209 (home) (work)
I would highly recommend "The Week". It is sort of a "Readers' Digest"  of
news magazines, taking excerpts from a large variety of reputable  news
sources to present a balanced look at world events and events in the  U.S. I
love the maps feature where they point out the location of events that  are
happening worldwide. What a great way for students to get a short review  of
geography as they need it.

Deb Waugh
Librarian/Instructional  Technologist
The Emmett G. Shufflebarger Library
at Graham High  School
Bluefield, Virginia
_debwaugh.lm_net@frontiernet.net_ (
-I have seen the magazine--my 25 year old daughter subscribes to it.   From
what I have seen, it is pretty much straight news, taken from the  other
major news sources.  It's a quick way to stay current with what's  going on I
the world.  I didn't read it closely enough to get a slant,  except that it
has very broad coverage, including BBC and other reputable  news agencies
from outside the US as well as in.  Hope this  helps.

Kay Weisman

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