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In a message dated 1/23/2005 9:26:48 PM Eastern Standard Time,
fsufan23@CHARTER.NET writes:

The  discussion over Library Bindings vs. other bindings definitely seems to
be  divided along grade level lines.

I'm an elementary school librarian, and for several things I buy the
paperbacks.  My kids prefer paperbacks, for one thing.  For another,  so many series
will be no longer interesting in a few years, e.g., Lizzie  McGuire, Mary-Kate
and Ashley. Also, although I do have library bound copies of,  for example,
the Harry Potter books, I also have multiple paperback copies.For  any book
that you need multiple copies, most of us can better afford  the paperbacks.

We cover all our paperbacks with contact paper. It doesn't take very long,
and although I'd like to think that 3 minutes or less of my time is worth a
fortune...come on, I'm a librarian. I don't make $100 an hour.  Even so,  adding
a couple of bucks to the cost of the paperback doesn't make the  difference
anywhere close.  And some of the paperbacks last as long as and  longer than
some of the poorly bound hardcover books.  I counted the number  of times one of
my old Goosebumps books circulated, using the date stamps in the  back,
because I was putting in a third "due date" label...288 times! And still  going...
(the kids are always fascinated by that sort of information :-))

Wendy Stoll,  Librarian
Smyrna Elementary
Louisville,  KY

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