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My oldest son will be going to college in August, so I've been preparing him for 
the business of being an adult for the last couple of years.  

He's been working 20-30 hours a week while attending high school (and he was in AP 
courses and did well--his SAT scores were also very good, so he was admitted to the 
college of his choice without much problem).  By working, he's had the opportunity 
to learn how to manage his time and study, as well as juggle those social 
commitments.  We helped him open a checking account last summer and he's been using 
it for the last year which is helpful for money management skills.  He is 
responsible for his own clothing, gas and repairs for his car, and his 
entertainment; we pay for room, board, insurance, and anything dealing with 
education (high school--and college tuition).

For other tips for parents of students going to college, check out Oklahoma State 
University's great website entitled:  College Prep 101

The list contains things to do BEFORE college and things to do once you get there.  
There's also a parent list to help you think of things that you might have missed.

We've used it to plan ahead---but I have to admit, I knew about this one for a long 
time (I was an association professor / librarian at OSU, so I knew that this great 
resource was available for college freshman! Now I get to use it "for real!")

Good luck!

Shonda Brisco, MLIS
US / Technology Librarian
Fort Worth Country Day School
Fort Worth, TX

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