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Contact me off list if you have any leads.  This has been a rough two weeks
for my daughter.  She has a BS in family psychology and just graduated with
her Master's in Social Work.  She's pretty sure she will want to end up
teaching but would have to explore alternative certification.  She did well
in her grad. program--A's and B's.

She had a job lined up for the summer at a hospital teaching kids, had
contacted the HR person who assured her that they wanted her. She was moving
to OK City from MO to take the position.  On her way home from grad. school
the car started making noises. By the time she got here she made it as far
as the exit and the car wouldn't move any further.  We found her another car
the next day but standard transmission which she had to learn to work in
five days.  She called the HR guy-- he said don't worry about it come.

She gets to OK City which is where her grandparents are and the job is and
her "new" car develops problems. Mechanic thought bad gas initially--turns
out head gasket but not quite as bad as it sounds.  She gets all of her
paperwork in for the job and her shots etc. Turns out the job she was going
for is filled and the HR guy wasn't communicating well with the dept.  The
only thing available in that is substitute spots which she would
definitely move a state away to take. (not..)  His comment? "I'm sorry if
there was some confusion." (Car is now fixed and running well)

If anyone has any ideas. Let me know.  She is living with grandparents right
now so food and housing is taken care of but she needs a job.  She can type
quickly, has great computer skills.  She is personable. Has her degree from
OBU and KU.  Job doesn't have to be in OK. Could be MO or AR  as well.

Open to suggestions. TIA.

Susan Needham
Anderson MO

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