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Thanks to all who suggested ideas for librarian homework assignments for the 
upcoming library workshops that I'll be doing.

I still have a couple, though, that I'm trying to rework.  If you have ideas for 
homework assignments that could be done by librarians (and that have relevance to 
their daily activities within the library), I'd appreciate the brainstorming.

Here's where I'm working:

Workshop title:  More Than Google

Is "Google" a verb used for research in your library? If so, don't fight it!  
Instead, learn search strategies and techniques to teach students and teachers to 
utilize the "deep resources" available to them within the Invisible Web.  Discover 
techniques and search engines that will allow all students to become more effective 
Internet searchers and discover simple methods to extract great resources, as well 
as hidden databases, from the Internet.   



Workshop title:  How to Select Online Databases for Your Library

All databases are NOT alike.  Determine which databases provide the best resources 
for the students served by your library and learn how to link student success to 
your database purchases.  An evaluation of the top databases, their age level 
appropriateness, the resources available, as well as special features offered by 
each is examined, as well as how to show the impact of student achievement through 
the use of online databases

Homework ???

Workshop title:  More Than Books-- Selecting Non-print materials

You've got a great print collection but you still have no idea how to select great 
magazines, videos, kits, games, and realia for your library.  Learn how to choose 
some of the best magazines and non-print resources for your library and discover 
the professional tools and curriculum resources available to help you quickly and 
easily determine what can enhance your print collection



While it's easy to assign the librarians things like write a "bibliography" or 
"paragraph" of what was learned from these workshops, I'd rather they utilize a few 
pieces of technology--including their library's webpages, digital cameras, software 
programs, etc. when they complete an assignment.  I know that I'm probably 
expecting WAY too much, but I think once the librarians realize how important their 
work will become to other librarians (as I am hoping to combine some of the best 
homework assignments into a product for use by others in our area), they will 
contribute their projects / homework.

Any ideas would be appreciated for these last three assignments.


Shonda Brisco, MLIS
US / Technology Librarian
Fort Worth Country Day School
Fort Worth, TX

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