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I know all four elementary librarians that feed students to my middle
school have many lessons building on location skills (OPAC, Spine
labels, subject headings, ToC, keywords, etc) over their years.  And I
know that there is only so much learning that can happen with 25 kids in
20 minutes once a week, especially with little or no integration.

Virtually all of the kids know how to use the OPAC, to varying degrees,
coming into my middle school. Some try to use it like google, most know
when to use Subject or Title or Author, some know how to use a range of
limiters. However,  while the vast majority know that Paulsen is mostly
in the Fiction section and have discovered it is labeled just like
'their old library', they  are disoriented after 5 or 6 years in the
same library and may be a bit overwhelmed with the new size and layout.
Some aren't always articulate about what they need to know. Good signage
only goes so far; helping them be able to get the question out,
especially if they are concerned about how they are being percieved, is

And it never hurts to remember that though we've heard the question a
hundred times already that day, it is that kid's first time asking it.

Robert Eiffert
Librarian, Pacific MS  Vancouver WA
Librarian in the Middle Blog:

Mariya Rodriguez wrote:

>At the risk of being flamed, I have to say that as an elementary library
>professional, I was somewhat offended by this plea for elementary
>librarians to "please teach your students how to locate books by using
>your catalog and then locating a call number
>on the shelf.   This is a lifelong skill we all need to be teaching at
>every level."  This statement assumes that we're not doing it.  I can tell
>you, in fact, that we are.  I begin with kindergarteners who, while
>learning all about ABC order come to the library where they learn about
>the Everybody section and how we put shelve books by the same author
>together.  They learn about the catalog and doing an author search for
>books written by their favorite writers.  <snip>

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