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When I changed schools at Christmas I discovered that the previous
teacher-librarian had catalogued every soft cover book in the collection
with Pb, whether the title was a picture book, novel or nonfiction. To make
matters worse soft cover picture books were in piles by title and the soft
cover nonfiction were in different locations around the library. I couldn't
find anything and was having nightmares in January.

I spent the last six months cataloging all these books and rearranging the
collection. Books had been shelved across the walls instead of up and down
in sections so that was a major job too. Thank goodness for a couple of
wonderful parent volunteers.

The collection contains a number of very skinny nonfiction books that the
Kindergarten and grade one students were use to signing out. I catalogued
these books, but decided to keep them in a plastic basket in the nonfiction
section. To identify these titles when I did a subject search for a unit I
put a * in front of the Dewey Decimal number in the item record. I'm using
the Alexandria system and it was very easy to add this with one of the
utilities. I didn't even need to go into each item record to make this change.

I have put series labels on the spines of the books in the popular sets and
they are located on a separate spinner. With this discussion on series
placement I'm thinking it would be easy to add a prefix to the call number
of these books too and the students could easily see the location when they
are using the Alexandria system to search for books. S or Ser could easily
be added to the front of the call number. This would even work for books in
flower boxes.  : )

Thanks for the discussion. It's great to get new ideas.

Randi Louise Hermans
BCTLA Vice President
Evans Elementary K-6
Chilliwack, B.C., Canada

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