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Hi all!

Several people requested a hit on what I learned, so here goes.  A great
big thank you to all who took the time to share your knowledge with me.
I appreciate your time and efforts.

Thanks again!

Some general guidelines:

If the books are signed by someone famous, they are worth more.
Many of the Bibles and educations texts have little value.
A lot depends on the condition of the book

Some hints for searching for prices and selling

Book companies sometimes advertise in the newspaper and could probably do
E-bay is always an option for both pricing and selling



These are some of the most recommended sites for pricing and publication

This site has lots of out-of-print and antique books for sale - it can give
you some idea of what some of them may be worth - or even a lead to a place
in your area where you could take the books for an estimate of worth.

By far the best source of info on old books I have found is
www.addall.com  Go to the used and out of print section.  It searches
numerous dealers large and small all in one search.  Pay close attention
to specific information about the books you are evaluating.  Many books
came out in multiple editions and formats, even were published by
different publishers.  All of those things, as well as condition, can
make a huge difference in the value of the book.

The last highly recommended site was www.abebooks.com .  It gives a good
place to start for book info.

Lydia Lansberry
LIS Student
Tucson, AZ

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