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Sharyn -
You might find some of the links we have at to be of value in regard to this

On the above cited page there is a link to "Make the Most of An
Author/Illustrator Visit"  -- Clicking on that link will take you to
an article that has a section about obtaining books and autographing
-- as well as links back to a page on our site that will provide
autographing slips for use the day of the visit.

In short I would recommend that you definitely let students have the
books to read prior to Korman's visit.  What a gift to the author to
have him invited to speak before students who have read and enjoyed
his books.

Autograph slips can be provided for students  to fill out and leave
with their book the day or two prior to his visit.  The books can be
distributed back to the students (along with a bookmark or other
appropriate keepsake for every child.)

All my best,
Sharron McElmeel

At 12:49 AM -0500 03/01/05, Sharyn L. Mudd wrote:
>I had a few questions about autographing books for an author visit.  In
>April we will be having Gordon Korman visit our middle school.  How do you
>handle autographing of books?  We have done a preorder book sale.  Do you
>distribute the books to students and tell them to bring the book in on the
>days the author will visit to autograph or do you hold on to the books so
>students will have them right in hand ready to autograph if they want?  I
>would think you would want the students to be able to read the books they
>ordered.  Is it wise to have the classroom teachers have them keep them in
>the room until the visit or do they just have to remember to bring the book
>Also, what are the different ways to handle autographing?  Do most of you
>have the students wait in line to have the author autograph or are the
>books dropped off with slips in them for the author to autograph at a
>convenient time?  He will be visiting with our entire school (850 students)
>for two full days.   Any suggestions on how to handle autographing would be
>appreciated!  Thanks!

Sharron L. McElmeel

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