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There are a couple of new sites out there that take the concept of
'off-shore' saving one more step.
Social Bookmark Managers (SBM) like (
and furl (, when saved as public, either show who
else has bookmarked the same pages, or shows other pages that have been
bookmarked by people that bookmarked the same page.  Actually a pretty
good way to find more stuff about what you are interested in. There is a
beta search engine now that searches only the SBM sites.

The older generation of managers (like ikeepbookmarks) offered tools to
import and export your collection, very handy for synchronizing multiple
computers and as backup.

The Social Bookmark managers offer tools to make sending new 'marks to
your account; a right click on the page will do it.

Furl also offers a way to save a copy of the page and lets you do
searches on that content.

My Furl is at:

Robert Eiffert, Librarian
Pacific MS
Vancouver, WA

Pat Larson wrote:
> As I added another web site to "Favorites" on Internet this morning, it occurred 
>to me that if my computer crashed or I needed some of these favorites at another 
>location, I'd be out of luck. Is there some way to save these on a document or web 
>site where I could always access them?


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