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On 2/25/05 10:24 AM, "David Lininger" <tss003@MAIL.CONNECT.MORE.NET> wrote:

> Laurie's last post about alert sounds got me to thinking about that. How
> many use sounds to alert you to various things? I've turned off ALL
> sounds on all of my computers because I don't like all the noise.
> Between the fax machine beeping, the phone ringing, and the bells, I
> don't want anything else making noise at me. There are times, though
> when an audible alert might be nice. What sorts of alerts do you use, if
> you use sounds?
> --

My computer quacks when the students check out.  I love it, they love it,
even parents who are wandering by after school love it.  I have started
receiving ducks to decorate my desk with, too.  One thing about it that
makes it easy, is when kindergarten start checking books out in the fall,
they are pretty overwhelmed with everything.  I try to teach them what it
means to check a book out, and check it back in, but at times that idea goes
over their heads.  So, when they line up to head back to class, I can look
at them and ask, "did everyone check out their books?", they look back at me
with blank faces.  When I ask them "Did everyone quack their books?", they
know exactly what I am talking about!  My custodian continues to razz me
that he's getting his gun out to do some hunting in here.  People ask me if
that gets annoying, but I think some of those other sounds are much more
annoying, so I'll keep my computer quacking!

Raynette Schulte
Lincoln School Librarian
Watertown, SD

"To every complex situation, there is a simple solution.  But it's the wrong
solution."- Anonymous

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