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Hi all,

Just now getting a chance to send a hit on all of your wonderful
responses to my question: 

We would appreciate your input. Our students have requested the
"manga-style" graphic books. We've taken a look at them and are
concerned with inappropriate language and the suggestive nature of the
graphics/text. What is your school policy and how do you feel about
these books? These are students who may not engage in a lot of reading -
we'd love to see them read - but are concerned about the content - which
also means how we would justify our decision. The reviews are mixed.

And the answers:

The books are highly popular throughout the LM_NET listserv area.

The kids love the books!

Check the books by hand, and use reliable book review resources as well.

I know this is basic, if you would like more info. please feel free to
email me.  I can tell you that we don't bother to put the books in the
book cart - they are checked out as soon as they are returned.  I see
students in here that I've not seen in the past - and these students
talk to us about other books, as well.  They are communicating and
reading - and it is wonderful.

Thanks again,

Brenda Jacobs
Flagler Palm Coast High School
Bunnell, Fl  32110


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