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As requested, I'm posting a hit of the responses I received about tasks & training 
for student volunteers.  Thanks to everyone who responded - I'm building a file of 
ideas for next year!

If you have bulletin boards, you could put them in charge of getting new ones up 
once a month.  Give them a list of events or themes you want to feature, and let 
them get creative.

One of the "fun" things that I had my helpers do was to put up / out displays.  
They were very excited about that.  They put up the "Great Reads" section and many 
of the [girls] found books that they wanted to read.  Other displays were the Black 
History month and Dr. Seuss displays.  They really got into it.

 I work in a Middle School and I have about sixty student volunteers.  Students 
volunteer during lunch.  In our school, we have eight 40 some minute periods a day 
and lunch is one entire period.  The 6, 7 and 8th graders have different lunch 
periods, so those group come on different days.  I have to move my own lunch around 
a little, but there has been terrific interest, especially among the 6th grade.  
The "perks" I offer if that the students can bring and eat their lunch in the 
library and "hop" the lunch line if it is their day to volunteer.  I divide the 
groups so that there are no more than 12 scheduled on one day (you don't have 100% 
attendance because of other activities).  They do all my shelving, check out books 
for students, read shelves, repair and replace spines and are beginning readers' 
advisory.  Each student is assigned responsibility for one shelf.  I am just 
branching out with the 8th graders to let them help run a book discussion group and 
create a monthly bulletin board.

I have my students aides design posters,flyers, and multimedia
presentations for the library programs.  They love doing this task. 
Most are very proficient with their tech skills.  I always double check their work 
for spelling/grammar, etc.  I also have them design bulletin boards and displays.  
This month I started having them prerecord booktalks to use for our weekly March is 
Reading Month broadasts.

I give them a check list of daily tasks. Then do do special projects like covering 
books and displays. Since I am a department of one, all their help is valuable.

Have a student volunteer job description posted for them so they know what
is expected of them when they come into the library. I do a library
volunteer calendar every month and have it posted so they know in advance
what day is their day to work.
Ideas: shelve books, display and take down posters, bulletin boards, etc.,
water plants, keep library neat and clean (dust, straighten shelves), stamp
books, remove labels for discarded books, in charge of reading area, etc.

You could make it into a library club and have a party every once in a while for 
your helpers, also we are starting a scrap book that they will be in charge of 
every year. They can take pictures and video tape events when you don't have time 

Anita Beaman
Washington High School
Washington, IL

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