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Thanks to everyone who took the time to respond to my post about the noisy
and lax testing environment I've been observing here.  I won't post every
response because they were pretty much all the same.  Almost everyone said
something like "I'm appalled at the conditions you've described"!  Everyone
who wrote said they allow no talking, moving around, eating or drinking
during the testing period.  Most said that students who violated these rules
were immediately removed from the testing room and sent for disciplinary
procedures.  Some said that students who talk have their tests automatically
thrown away.

As a follow-up, our principal held a faculty meeting yesterday afternoon.
During that meeting, I inquired about the rules for testing and was told
that there was to be no talking, eating, getting up, etc..  Apparently, all
of the test proctors had been told this just yesterday morning because many
students had complained about the noisy conditions.  In fact, there were
complaints about 5 of 7 exam proctors!  That's downright shameful, in my
opinion.  So I blabbed and told him  what had gone on in here.  So, once
again, the proctors were told what the rules were and all teachers were
admonished to keep their non-testing students in the classroom during a "No
Move", which is what we supposedly had during the test period.

This morning, the really poor procter in the library was on a field trip, so
I volunteered to run the test and guess what?  No talking, no getting out of
seats.  The kids were, for the most part,  cooperative and fairly well
disciplined.  Of course, I had to threaten them with having to redo the test
and being sent to the assistant principal if they didn't behave, but hey, it

So thanks to all who responded and made it clear the the old standards for
testing had not, in fact, gone out the window.  It's good to know that
self-control and self-discipline are still prized qualities somewhere.

Marian Royal
Socorro High School
Socorro, NM

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