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Dear LM_NET members,

I have a special request from a student regarding a football book.  My
preliminary research is failing to yield results, so I am turning to LM_NET for

Currently, our media center owns a book entitled THE FOOTBALL BOOK which  was
published back in the 1980's.  (Yes, I know this should have been  weeded out
years ago, but it is one of the most popular nonfiction books in our  media
center, so I don't have the heart to get rid of it.)  The format of  the book
is an A-Z format and includes facts, statistics, terminology, and lots  of
photographs and general information about football in alphabetical  order.

One of my students asked if I could find a more current football book  with
the same A-Z format and arrangement of information.  Here's what my
preliminary research is yielding:

1.    Football A-Z books that are TEAM specific, such  as NOTRE DAME FOOTBALL
        We are not looking for  information about specific teams but general
information about the game  itself.

2.    FOOTBALL FOR DUMMIES type books.  Too long  and elaborate for middle

Do you have a title in your media center that fits this format and subject
matter?  If so, please e-mail me at my home address and provide me with  titles
and authors.  Thanks for your assistance with this matter.

Deborah Maehs, LMS
Kingfisher Middle School LMC
600 South 9th Street
Kingfisher, OK  73750
_maehsville@aol.com_ (

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