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Dear Catherine and LM_NET Colleagues,

On Wed, 2 Mar 2005, Catherine Scholl wrote:
> Can someone repost the student library helpers hit. I accidentally
> deleted it!

No need! :-)  You can find it in the LM_NET Message Archives:

   The LM_NET Archives and other interesting related information is
   available at the Educator's Referenmce Desk Website, and they are
   also linked via the LM_NET On the Web site.

   Here is how to find the LM_NET Message Archives:

1. Go directly to the host website.

   There you will find several options. You may browse by date or thread,
   subject or author, or to do a keyword search of current and past LM_NET
   messages. Messages are organized by year and month in folders.

2. Another way to access them is by going to the LM_NET On the Web Page:

   Once at the "LM_NET On the Web Page", scroll down just a bit until you
   see the section title: The Web LM_NET Archives. This points to a search
   engine which allows access to LM_NET's Archives. There is also a link
   to the LM_NET archives listed by month and year.

Happy searching!

Peter Milbury, Co-Moderator of LM_NET
School Librarian - CA TeleMentor            Chico HS, Chico, CA
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