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Thanks to everyone for their wonderful ideason saving bookmarks and favorites. 
Following are the websites suggested and also some other ideas.

I bought one of those little portable drives - they are called flash drives, jump 
drives, whatever.  They are smaller than a pez container and can contain huge 
ammounts of into and are not terribly expensive.


 I have imported my favorites onto the drive and update the file now and then.

I opened Internet Explorer on my Mac and searched the index.
Open: Favorites -> Organize favorites
Then go to -> File -> export favorites
When I did this, I had a dialog window to choose where to export the
favorites. When I saved them, I had a nice html document with ALL of the
links on them - organized the same way they are on the computer. Very
slick!! (I'm pretty sure you would have the same option on Windows.)


Are you familiar with the new portable flash drives?  I spent about $30 
for one for the very purpose of having my "Favorites" with me as I 
substitute teach and work in our public library.  It's very small, the size 
of a keychain, and fits in my purse, allowing me to carry an amazing 
assortment of saved stuff from my hard drive.  I think it's an excellent 
solution to your request.


Go to File - Import/Export.  I think you'll see how to do it from

When I find sites I want to remember, I simply cut and paste the URL into a word 
document I keep on my network drive. I have access to them from any computer in the 
building -- not just the one where it was bookmarked.

You could copy the web address from your browser & paste it into a word
document. Save that document onto a floppy & update when needed.


Pat Larson
Media specialist
McGuire Junior High School
Lakeville, MN

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