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My original question was whether or not there's a school discount rate any better 
than the $6/week surface mail delivery of the Sunday only national edition of the 
New York Times.

Here are the responses I received.  Thanks to all.

Our school subscribes to the Christian Science Monitor instead of the New York 
Times because it's cheaper and the teachers find it to be a more objective source 
of information.  It runs about $85 for a 9-month subscription, 5 days per week.

I searched the universe (fruitlessly) for a jobber that might offer a discount on 
the Sunday Times. They all explained to me that NYTimes never gives them a discount 
on mail delivery, so they can't offer us one.
I found two options - a local magazine/newspaper supplier to the pharmacies and 
grocery stores said they would deliver one to us (if we had a drop box) 
..........or the local drugstore (within a few blocks of school) offered to hold 
our copy there and our mail courier could pick it up on his way to the post office 
each day.
$1.50 vs $6.......!

Try their home delivery, I receive it much less than that.

Tell your teacher to forget it.
He should just have his students use the free online version.  Once a
computer has been registered w the Times, the websites automatically
opens all of its contents to the user, whether he is from first period
or third or whatever.

Diane Averett/Librarian
Kerr-Vance Academy
700 Vance Academy Rd.
Henderson, NC  27537

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