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Oh Gracious and Generous Ones,
I received more requests for copies of the responses than I received 
responses, so I decided to post a hit. I would like to thank everyone 
who came through in true collaborative fashion that, for me, is a 
trademark of this list. I have precisely what I need to get off the 
ground with the proposal.  So without further ado, the envelopes, 
please . . .

1)  You  might find this site useful.  I inherited helping with a 
weekly news program and it has been a wonderful experience.  We use 
some old and a little new technology.  Below is our website with a lot 
of useful information.  If you look under the Resources link you'll 
find blank storyboards, equipment list, job descriptions, etc.

Mary Scroggs
Media Specialist
Pleasant Grove Elementary School

2)  I would suggest a web page for help.  It is and is 
run by a couple of educators who have written books and developed 
software to help with the morning news and video projects.
Barbara Keltner
Media Specialist K-5
Naples, FL

3)  Chris Smith publishes a newsletter called Shambles and its March 
issue has a story concerning this very topic.  The story can be found 

4)  I run a morning news program every day throughout the school year 
have been doing so for 4 years now. You will need the following basic
Light kit
Nice but not necessary for a basic shoot: switcher (for 2nd camera),
character generator (for subtitles or graphics), Lavalier microphones
(tie-clip mics), a sound board (4 inputs is all you'll ever need for a
small program), and a teleprompter (I use an old 486 computer and a
DOS program you can buy for $99 called EZ Prompt)
I rotate a crew every 3 to 4 weeks throughout the school year from my
GAMA Club members (GA Association of Media Assistants). I have a crew
of 5 that consists of:
Director (that position is constant throughout the year and I chose
that student)
2 Talent
Camera operator
Teleprompter operator
Within my crew, the students get to rotate through the positions so
they try everything. I don't audition anyone because I want to give
everyone the chance to try each crew position. Sometimes my readers
are not so good but they generally rotate themselves out of the talent
position because they are uncomfortable with it. I always (at the
beginning of the year anyway) have my new crew come in on the Friday
before their rotation starts so they can observe how we do the
program. The old crew teaches the new crew a position so they can be
ready on Monday morning.
My building was already wired for closed-circuit before I got here.
You'll need to check your building's capabilities for closed-circuit
before you do anything else - it may be prohibitively expensive to do
it. If you have any other questions about my equipment, my format, or
my program please don't hesitate to get in touch!

Susan Grigsby, LMS
Midvale Elementary School
Atlanta, Georgia

I would also like to thank Josephine Dervan for the words of 

Joseph Chamberlain, Media Specialist/Technology Cybrarian
Union High School, Union, SC 29379
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