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Buckeye Hello!

I am absolutely blown away by the very affordable Twice Told Tales Four
Video Set that I just received from the Clerc Center at Gallaudet
University! Those of you who have deaf or hard of hearing students will want
to order this set!

The entire set of four videos costs $34.95 at

_Harry By the Sea_by Gene Zion

_The Hungry Fox and the Foxy Duck_byKathleen Leverich, illustrated by Paul

_The North Wind and the Sun_, a fable by LaFontaine, illustrated by Brian

_A Perfect Nose for Ralph_by Janet Breskin Zalben, illustrated by John

You may also order the set in Signed English with voice over.

The videos are signed by Bernard Bragg. Bragg is very well known as a deaf
actor and mime and his signing of these videos is absolutely superb.

These videos were produced in 1985. The books are out of print. I was able
to get all the books at <>  but
chose to buy only three. _A Perfect Nose for Ralph_costs $24.95. The book
cost $6.95 when it was published in 1979.I don't want to spend that much for
a used book. I contacted the author thinking she might have an extra copy
for less. She does not.

Does anyone have a copy of _A Perfect Nose for Ralph_that I might buy?
$14.95 would be the most I'd pay.

Ada G. Kent, Librarian

Ohio School for the Deaf

500 Morse Road

Columbus, OH 43214

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