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Good afternoon,
Thank you to everyone who sent me information on composers for our General Music 
class.  Here is the hit that several people requested.
 my music teacher does a research project and has some links on her page that might 
be useful...
if that doesn't work, try putting an underscore in instead of the %5
and click on the "Composers" link
I  think you'll find this useful.
There are some other areas on the above music page that you will see are also 

This page is on Classical Music, but I found a ton of links off of it,

This specifically has short bios of composers,

Create a Composer Slideshow Webquest,

Composer fun, 4 games,

Not sure if she wants classical, or composers of other types of music,
there are also sites on rock and roll and jazz musicians on

This site was recommended earlier this year:

1.  Classical Net [web site] /(term(s) matched 8 times)
  Suitable for Middle School, High School, Public Library, Academic 
Materials for students, adults.
Grade levels: g6, g7, g8, g9, g10, g11, g12.
  Lampson, Dave.

The music teacher and I do a webquest with our third graders on composers.
You can reach the quest by going to choosing Armada
Elementary from the left frame, going to the bottom of the page and clicking
on Media Center in the Specials box. There you will find a link to our
webquest. Each of the worksheet pages (Biographer, Musicologist, Archivist)
has a list of web resources at the bottom.

I have a bunch of links on my library web page. 
I would recommend the Naxos site
Naxos Classicals Learning Zone Composers
Short biographies on composers, plus a discography of recordings from the Naxos 
Hope these links may help!
Good luck!
Thank you,
Julie Feenaughty, Librarian
Greenwood Elementary Middle School Library
Greenwood, NY  14839

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