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Original Target:  What types of displays have you used for Banned Book 
Week?  Thanks to many responses pasted below.
One year I tied black cord around them like a package and tied on 
mini-locks (like you would use for suitcase)  You can display the keys in 
another container or on a keyring around your neck (like you hold the key 
to opening them :-)  This year I just made "banned logos"  (no/books) and 
taped them on the covers so the students can still open the books.  I do 
run a promo where all my student aides get tickets to catch students 
reading books of choice...then they report to court (LRC) for punishment 
(candybars).  We ban ALL magazines for the entire week and do not check any 
Brenda Stultz
McPherson Middle School
Clyde, OH   43410
One of my para-pros has a husband in the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and 
Firearms. He got us some "Police Lines" tape and we wrapped one of our 
display cases in it and filled it w/ books from our collection on 
challenged books lists--also pictures of book burning culled from the Internet.

Our other display case we painted jail bars on and displayed the First 
Amendment, quotes from authors about censorship and books on the 
Constitution. We topped the "cage" with a yellow alert sign that said 
"Dangerous Ideas Inside."
Harry F. Coffill
Media Center Specialist
East Grand Rapids Middle School
TV Production
East Grand Rapids High School
A number of years ago when I had a nice display case, I made jail bars
and put the books behind bars.  I have several signs: "What kind of
sentence would you give a book you don't agree with"  and I also made
fake chains that hung off books with their reason they were jailed.
Beth Molski
Wausau East  High School
2607 North 18th Street
Wausau, WI 54481
I have the ALA poster with the listings of Banned Books.  Then I have little
books cut-outs with the names of all of the 100 most banned books that we
actually have in the library posted up aroung the poster. On the cut-outs I
have written "What did they find wrong with Animal Farm?  Check it out...
F Orw".  That way the students know what books we actually have available &
they don't have to ask me where they are.  We also wrapped the display with
construction paper chains & a lock.  I also put up a banned books week sign
on the front doors of the library and we have construction paper chains
draping the front doors.

It's not alot, but it has stirred quite a bit of interest.

We also have a teacher who happens to be teaching Farenheit 451, so she's
bringing her classes in to locate a banned book, look up the info as to why
it was banned & when, when it was written, etc. & do a little book talk
about them.  It's working out really well!
Hana Smith
Pulaski County High School
Somerset, KY
In addition to putting out books with the reason they were banned on them,
I posted a list of the 100 Most Challenged Books
and asked students and faculty to put a hash mark next to the one's they
have read.  We're trying to see if, as a school, we have read them all,
and what is the most frequently read challenged book by our school.  It's
led to a great deal of discussion about why certain books are challenged.
Megan Frazer
Commonwealth School
151 Commonwealth Ave.
Boston, MA  02116
(617) 266-7525 ext. 255
I did a bulletin board for Banned Books week.  It has a red background w/ 
black border.  It simply has Banned Books Week at the top and the dates at 
the bottom.  In between I made little envelopes with a picture of the words 
"Banned" being stamped.  In each envelope there is a black pull tab. When 
the students pull the tabs up they see different books which have been 
banned.  I also made a sign at the top that looks like a burst which 
states:  "Warning:  These books may cause damage to your mind."   My 
students have really enjoyed pulling up the tabs to see what books have 
been banned.  Then in the media center I have a whole table of books which 
have either been banned or challenged with caution tape running all around 
them.  Some of the kids have really been shocked by different titles which 
have been challenged or banned.
Tracy Cramer
Media Specialist
Choctaw Junior High
14667 N.E. Third
Choctaw, OK  73020
(450) 390-2207
I think I "borrowed" this idea from somewhere!  I took black paper and
covered the glass of our showcase leaving 9 or 10 small holes.  It says
"Dare to Look" on the outside in bright red.  When you "look" in the
hole you see a book that is on the banned book list and a big "fire"
that a student drew.  We added a little bit of caution tape (bought at a
local hardware store) to liven it up a bit.
Last year I flung caution tape all over the display and had book titles
and covers hanging from the showcase.
Both years we put up a display on our front windows (looking into the
hallway) with the 100 banned books list and past year's top ten with
reasons.  I added a few quotes about banning books this year as well.
Kristy Sandel, librarian
Mason High School
Mason, MI
We did a display of the books with caution tape draped on the shelf and
wrapped around the column a the end of the shelf.  We put some caution,
beware and stop notices up also.   One of our notices said "The books
you see here have been accused of damaging young minds due to content
and/or language.  Read at your own risk!"
Lisa Rose
B.F. Terry High School
5500 Avenue N
Rosenberg, TX 77471
I have a display for Banned Books Week. As far as I know, this is the first
time such a display has been done. I have gone with an ironic twist on the
display. Using my Adobe CS, I have doctored some danger and warning signs to
read "Danger: Banned Books" instead of "High Voltage".
"Warning: This book has explosive material", "Caution: This book has been
burned." I have even strewn yellow fire scene tape about the library.
I fear it may have worked too well. Not one checkout from the display yet.
Some students are confused. "If they have been banned, why are they in the
library?" Ah well, at least the dialogue has begun. . .
Kevin Smith
Library Technician
Goose Lake High School
Roblin, Manitoba, CANADA
I put up a poster outside of the library:
Look inside to find books you might never have gotten a chance to read ... 
IF someone courageous didn't stand up for YOUR right to read!
Check out our Banned and Challenged Books display
Lynette (LYNN) Mitchell
Technology/Media Specialist
Crystal River High School
1205 NE 8th Ave.
Crystal River, FL 34428
For the past two years, I've used an idea I must have gotten from someone 
on LM_NET. I set up a display of frequently challenged books and I borrow 
some yellow police tape from our school resource office. I put the police 
tape around the books. Then I put a big sign next to it saying, "Danger! 
Banned Books!"
It definitely gets the kids' attention.
David Bilmes, LMS
Schaghticoke Middle School
New Milford, CT
Two years ago we set up the banned books in a classroom and put yellow KEEP 
OUT tape borrowed from a police officer  It was quite effective.  I like 
the brown paper bag idea!!!!  Maybe we will put the books into brown paper 
Roselle Weiner,
Coordinator LRC-Library Services
American School for the Deaf'
139 North Main St.
West Hartford, CT 06107
860-570-2375 tt
860-570-2301 fax
860-570-2370 voice
One of the Garfield books is on the banned list (I'm home and can't 
remember which one).  Anyway, I made a cage out of a small box, - put a 
Garfield stuffed toy in it and made construction paper bars. I also pasted 
on a picture of Garfield with wanted! written on it.  I put the book next 
to it as well as the reason it is banned.  The kids really are fascinated 
by it and many sit down to read the book to see if they can find the "bad 
words" (ostensibly the reason for the banning.)
Susan Burstein
Portland Middle School
95 High Street
Portland, CT 06480
We cordon off books using police tape (the real thing, thanks to our 
gracious local police!). Behind them, we have signs stating reasons why 
books are sometimes banned or challenged. On the table with the banned 
books are lists of the top challenged books from the ALA website. Generates 
lots of discussion, as you can imagine!
Mary Melaugh
Marshall Middle School Library
Billerica, MA

Thanks again to all who shared.

Anne Oelke
Library Media Specialist, pK-12
Cambria-Friesland School District
410 E. Edgewater St.
Cambria, WI 53923-1000 

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