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Okay, they said they used over 100+ reference sources (as per their website) but in 
reality, it's only about 46 (+/-) depending upon how you view some of their 
sources.  I think I'm making them mad...because they are defending their 
"authoritative" sources (Wikipedia is held in high regard, obviously) and 
explaining why it is used and relied upon by others. (Don't get me started on 

So, take the website with as much skepticism as you might find with anything 
online.  Here's their reply:

Dear Shonda,

We do not have an orderly, compiled list of all of our sources. However,
you will find a significant portion of them on our corporate Copyrights

We are aware that Wikipedia's content is generally regarded as less
authoritative than other content sources which have proven their
reliability over time, such as Houghton Mifflin's publications. However,
because there are tens of thousands of grass-roots content editors,
there is amazingly current information than the more conventional
encyclopedias cannot match. While there is no academic stamp of
approval, the breadth of coverage provided is breathtaking and we feel
that Wikipedia is a strong contribution to the GuruNet Library, even
without the imprimatur of academic authority.

We have also found several instances when Wikipedia's article proved
more correct that the corresponding article in a resource generally
considered "authoritative". In other words, Wikipedia is proof that no
one resource is sufficient - independent corroboration of all facts is
strongly advised. 

If we can be of any further assistance, please feel free to contact us.

Sincerely yours,
Alan Baklor
Answers Customer Support 
The Answer Engine 




Shonda Brisco, MLIS
US / Technology Librarian
Fort Worth Country Day School
Fort Worth, TX

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