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Mary Jo Sears, Longwood University Student
Warrenton Va 

The Results Are In..

Twenty-eight librarians responded to the question on LM_NET, "If you could only 
choose one selection aid, what would it be?" 

And the winner is.


School Library Journal - 14 votes

Library Media Connection 3 - votes

Booklist-3 votes

VOYA - 4 votes

Teacher Librarian- 2 votes

Kliatt- 1 vote

Horn Book Guide- 1 vote


Some comments from our colleagues: 


  a.. .Oh, I wish I had the answer to this.  I am a first year librarian at a high 
  school, and I am inundated with selections aids.  I can't keep up with them. 
    It is unbelievable how much is there is to chose from.  I would love to 
  hear what experienced librarians have to say.

                  Sonia Nelson, Librarian
                  St. Joseph's Preparatory School
                  Philadelphia, PA

  a.. Only Booklist--super reviews by professional reviewers.  SLJ's reviews are 
late and the school librarians haven't seen as many books as a professional  I 
choose Booklist AND VOYA.  Could not do without either at the HS level.
  Booklist lets me stay in touch with appropriate Adult stuff and I like that
  they only give the positive reviews.  VOYA confirms many of my YA choices
  and offers a different point of view.  In my district they expect (but don't
  always get) 2 review sources)

                  Joanne Benson Glasgow
                  Teacher Librarian
                  Evergreen High Schools
                  830 SW 116th Street
                  Seattle, WA  98146

         I think your answer will vary by grade level...

      I would choose Booklist or VOYA.  I use Booklist because I can't afford VOYA. 
 Both of these, however, are not appropriate for   Elementary.


            C. Ellen Wickham

            Library Media Specialist

            Raytown South High School

            8211 Sterling

            Raytown, MO 64138







         Library Media Collection:  reviews are by people in the field, i.e. 
school library media.  I love reading Horn Book; use SLJ and Kirkus; read the 
Bulletin from Madison, WI and get Peggy Sharpe's newsletter, but LMC seems more in 
tune with what's going on in school libraries and the books that our particular 
libraries should have. 

            Leslie Greaves Radloff
            Librarian / Media Specialist
            Rondo, IRC


         School Library Journal, because it is so comprehensive, and covers
several formats (audiobooks, etc.)
Of course, there are so many online sources now, too.  Follett's website
and both show reviews from multiple sources.
     Anne-Marie Gordon, Librarian
     Livonia Primary School
     Livonia, NY


         I have used both Horn Book and School Library Journal. After a year I 
dropped my subscription to Horn Book. I found that my students and I enjoyed the 
books Horn Book rated in the middle of the scale much better than the ones they 
rated highly. My own opinion seems to be more closely mirrored by SLJ. 


                        Myrna Price, Librarian

                        Micro-Pine Level Elem.

                        Pine Level, NC


  a.. I would subscribe to School Library Journal because it is more readable than 
the other library journals.  I can get the selection tools of any of the review 
journals by using Titlewave or Mackin or Perma-bound's advanced search tools. So 
the reviews are nice to have, but they can be found in other ways.  I subscribe to 
SLJ and LMC and Teacher Librarian and Knowledge Quest and Horn Book.  I read each 
of them cover to cover, but I've learned that when I sit down with SLJ I'll spend 
more time, and I'll learn more on a wider range of topics than I do with the others.


  a.. I would, and do, subscribe to LMC ( Library Media Connection) because of the 
great articles and good reviews I really liked it better when it was Book Report 
which was only  high school articles and review, there aren't as many now when it 
covers K 12. I also get VOYA which has many reviews.
                                Darlene Yasick
                                Media Specialist
                                Hopkins (MI) High School


  a.. Without a doubt, School Library Journal for elementary and VOYA for 
middle/high school level.  Having said that, I am for the first time in a library 
that receives School Library Media Activities Monthly and Library Sparks(Which is 
relatively new)  I love both of those.





Compiled by Mary Jo Sears  EDSL 503, Fall 2005





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