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I have a compac PC running Windows XP.
In the past two weeks, I've had these annoying pop-up ads appearing on my pc.  I 
believe I got infected with something from visiting a website while helping my 
daughter search for info on Diet fads for an assignment because that's when the 
first one appeared and after that, they start popping up whenever I launch 
Explorer, whenever I visit a new website (for example, I go to Ebay, a pop-up 
appears.  I then go to play a game at , a pop-up appears.  They also 
interfere during my dang games by popping up every three minutes (I've timed them), 
often causing me to LOSE at Word Mojo!!!
::breath in, breathe out, breathe in, breathe out::
I also use Mozilla a lot and I get very few pop-ups when using it.
At the bottom of each is a note that they are brought to my by Zeno and not from 
the site I am visiting.
I have pop-up blocker and spyware protection from my ISP, SBC Yahoo.  The pop-up 
blocker is always on.
I also have Spybot and have run them both.
I swear to God,  I am getting so dang mad at this.  I hate this. 
Thank you for any help you can provide.
Also, off topic, I know, but can you all go vote for my kitty, Ludicrous, at for kitty of the month?
Here's his picture:
Ludicrous came to live with us after my daughter and her friend went to the pound 
to look at the pets.  A woman was in there, surrendering him.  Ludicrous is brain 
damaged.  He has poor vision, no depth perception, and walks in a weird, stiff 
"goose-step" type of way.  His head bobs a lot like he has Parkinson's and he falls 
a lot.  The counter-person at the pound said he was unadoptable and he would 
immediately be put to sleep.  So, my daughter and her friend begged the lady to go 
outside and give him to them instead of surrendering him.
At first, poor Ludie (our pet name for him, or is having a pet name for a pet 
redundant?) had to be carried up and down stairs.  But now, he takes them at a 
flying leap and if he falls, he falls, he gets back up and tries again.  What 
spirit this little guy has!!
Thank you, again.

Dawn Sardes
Teen Services Librarian
Euclid Public Library
Euclid, OH

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