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I've stuggled with this for 15 years and still don't a solution.

What do you do with the kids who "forget" their library book on library day?  Here 
they don't check out if they an outstanding book (teaches responsiblity, it's part 
of their homework,  keeps parents from going ballistic when their kids have lost 
multiple books etc.).   The teachers like it that way so changing that isn't an 
option.  We do make exceptions all the time so it's not set in stone. 

So, what do I do with these kids while the others are checking out books?

We've tried:

Reading Magazines - which turned into "oh great, I can read the magazines, and the 
min. I get back to class I "find" my book and get to come back to the library miss 
the math lesson I didn't want to listen to anyway.

Doing Worksheets - "oh boy, can I have some more, once again I'll find my book when 
I get back to class....

Puzzles  - a repeat of #1 & #2

Pulling a book of the shelf and reading it - kid runs around the library pulling 
books at random and it's a repeat of coming to library the min. they get back to 

Straightening the shelves - another round of "oh greats"...and the shelves are in 
shambles, since I can't supervise it properly.

About the only thing that doesn't result in "oh boys" is sitting out and then 
coming to get a book at recess (which is "their time").  

I don't like that option since the kid is wasting 15 min. doing nothing productive. 
 Our kids are savvy and street smart and will do anything to get out of class and 
come hang out in the library.  Once one figures out a way they tell their friends 
and it spreads like wildfire. 

So, oh wise librarians, what does everyone else do?

Guusje Moore
Housman Elementary 
Houston TX

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