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Dear LM_NETTERS~ Thanks so much to everyone who replied.  The teacher who
initially posed the question was amazed at how many answers I received!
Below are the responses to my inquiry:


Please do post a hit. Lots of people say the Houston Chronicle is liberal. I
admit to being a liberal so it is hard for me to say critically (yes, there
are some of us in Texas). They do have fairly liberal editorials though.
Another Texas paper with that reputation is the Austin American
Statesman.--Mary Ann



USA Today is more liberal than Wall Street Journal. NY Times is one of the
most liberal papers around.


For the most part the news sections are fairly similar between papers
although a liberal paper might have more stuff about poverty or unions. 

The part you need to look at is the editorial page because this is where the
real political and social beliefs are apparent.  You might compare the
editorial pages of the New York Times and the Wall Street Journal for



Media bias is my theme for the year.  We have had a psychology class and the
Participation in Government class study this.  The psych class looked at
various magazines and newspapers comparing pictures only-- They worked in
groups and did an oral presentation of their findings.  For the PIG class,
they read the top news articles for five days (political, Hurricane Katrina,
and general top news story) for 5 different media sources ( ; ; ; ; ).

They had to determine if the articles were biased to the left or right or if
they were neutral.  The class

then discussed their findings.   Always show "National Review" vs. "The
Nation" of which the extreme

right and left are covered.  Much of mainstream media has a bias, but they
do not articulate that they are biased.  Good luck, and let me know if I can
be of other help.



Wall Street Journal is considered to be the conservative paper, NYT presents
the more liberal point of view.  I would suggest he read some op/ed
editorials from each paper.



The New York Times and Washington Post LA Times, and probably anything from
San Fran are with very few exceptions liberal.



You might want to check some of the alternative newspapers in your area
(here we have Black and White and Birmingham Weekly).  They are usually
entertainment-oriented, but they do have more investigative articles than a
regular newspaper.  Also, since they don't cater to the mainstream, they can
afford to be a bit more liberal. <> <> 


She could use the NYTimes, and the Washington Times, Be sure not to confuse it with the Washington
Post or there will be no difference.



The NY Times is considered liberal. The Wall Street Journal is considered


The Washington Post is a liberal newspaper.  Some how the Democratic Party
is involved in its history.  In contrast the Washington Times is a
conservative paper.



Our senior class does a unit on media bias as part of their government
class. It follows up on the theme of perspective that is covered in their
English classes. We do mini lessons on bias throughout the unit,
highlighting commission, omission, word choice etc.


Check it out:


Any comments or suggestions would be welcome. We are constantly tweaking



You might recommend comparing articles from The New York Times, which is
considered by many to be a liberal-leaning newspaper, and the Wall Street
Journal, which is considered to lean conservative.  



There are many newspapers that have a reputation for being biased. For
example, the Washington Sun is considered a "conservative" newspaper, as is
The New York Post. The N.Y. Times is often accused of having a liberal bias,
although personally I consider their news coverage to be quite fair.


The Wall STreet Journal is considered to have a conservative bias on their
editorial page, but their news coverage is considered fair and balanced. The
Waterbury Republic-American in Connecticut is one of the most biased
conservative papers, especially their editorials and opinion columns.


There aren't a huge amount of "liberal" newspapers, although Fox News
junkies would probably beg to differ. I'm sure they would consider the
Boston Globe in that category, for example.



I don't know where you are from, but 2 Wisconsin newspapers are definately
at the far ends of the political spectrum.  They are the Milwaulke Journal

(Conservative) and the Wisconsin State Journal (out of

Madison) liberal.



Anne Busch
Pleasant Hill High School
Pleasant Hill, MO 64080

It's the mark of an educated mind to be able to entertain a
thought...without accepting it.


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