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Mine have a choice; they can read a magazine, they can mark a spot on the
shelf with a marker and put the book back when they are done, or they can
choose their book and bring it up normally at checkout time, but I put it
to the side for a couple days on hold.  If they don't come back in that
time, I unhold it and put it back on the shelf.  

They cannot sit and do nothing.  I tell them that library class is like
any other class; you don't go to music and decide you don't feel like
singing.  They have to do something that involves reading or searching for
materials.  We are a smallish school, so usually if the books are in the
backpack or desk, the teachers will send them right back to get it.  We
don't have much of a problem with purposeful "forgetters".

They can get two books.  If only one is not returned, they can still get
one new one, even if it's overdue.

As to coming back in with the forgotten books to exchange, the teachers
don't just let them come during class, etc.  They have to wait until
before or after school, or at a time during the day when it's conducive
for the teacher--for instance, if the student gets their math done early
while others are still working, they can come in to quickly exchange their
books for the ones set aside and go right back.  The teacher will expect
them right back.  

Lauri Cahoon-Draus
K-12 Library Media Specialist
Suring School Libraries 

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