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Thank you to all who responded.   As a first time L_MNETer I am very  
appreciative of the vast knowledge base here.  Below is the  
collection of responses I received.

Chris Bohne

Media Specialist

Adlai E. Stevenson II Elementary

Bloomington, Illinois

I am a Media Specialist in a K-5 Elementary.  We house the ESL  
program for our district.  We have a lab of emacs.  Currently  
students save work to a folder on a shared volume on the server.   
Students are not required to use a log in or password to access  
applications.  There are concerns about the safety of student work.   
Students could theoretically could trash work at any time.

My questions:  Do you work in a K-5 lab where students use logins and  
passwords?  If so at what grade level do you introduce this?  Do you  
have any suggestions for how best to implement this?  Has anyone  
tried to implement this and decided it did not work?


We have log ins (first initial and last name) for all our 2nd grade  
and up students. A few kids have a problem but most get it quickly. A  
suggestion: take a name card and have kids write down their log in  
name on it. Give it out to any student who needs it.

In our K-5 elementary, the third, fourth and fifth grade students  
definitely use their own server space to save work. Each student has  
his/her own user id and password.  The user id's are quite long:  
grad.yearlastnamefirstnamemiddleinitial.  So, if I were a student  
graduating in 2015, my user id would be 2015fisherbetties.   I  
thought the students were going to have a hard time with this, but  
they don't at all.

Now, since I teach the 2nd and 1st graders, I'm deciding when to  
introduce saving to the server and thinking I'll probably do it in  
the next couple of months.  I think the second graders will do just  
fine and, with a little more time and help, I'm betting the 1st  
graders will do just fine, too.

Everyone in our school uses logins and passwords to use computers pre- 
k-12-staff.  When elem. students are just searching the OPAC, (they  
start this in second grade, and I allow it up until 5th) I do let  
just the first one on each computer in each class log in and then the  
next one can go on and do a search without logging out which requires  
a restart, since the teacher and I are both there watching what's  
going on and would notice anything else being on the screens quite  
quickly.  The really young ones need a fair bit of asssistance, but  
they catch on pretty well by the time they are using computers to any  
considerable degree.

I work in a K-6 school and we use individual folders for all our

students beginning in grade 3.  All students in grade 3 use the same

password (abc) which saves a lot of headaches.  They love having  
their own

folders on the server.  The must learn to login using their name and  
year of

graduation.  So for example Joe Smith a 3rd grader, graduating in 2015,

would enter:

Name:       smithj15

Password    abc

They keep the same folder through grade six when they leave our  
school.  We

show them how to organize their folders by creating a folder for each  


I'm in a K-3 school.  The solution our tech people came up with is to

have class log-ins.  Every child in, say, Mrs. Jones' class has the

log-in name "Jones," followed by a very simple password, such as "j" or

"abc."  Once the child has logged in, they "see" student applications

and folders just for that class.  If I'm doing something with the class,

I usually create a sub-folder for each child, so they know where to save

work.  This doesn't eliminate every problem (I still find it easier to

have the lab tech turn on all the computers and log-in ahead of time,

especially at the beginning of the year) but it seems a nice balance

between security and sense.  Our second and third graders get the hang

of it really fast.

Our elementary students have had log-ins and passwords from day one.   
It is very easy to implement and the kids do well with it.  Can't  
imagine not having them.  Even the little ones learn their log-ins  
and passwords soon after being given them.

Suggestion for implementation:  Put the kids' log-ins and passwords  
on index cards with their name on the top one side and the log-in and  
password on the other.  Alphabetize and keep them in a file box by  
class. Hand them out when the kids come to the lab.  Collect them  
after they have logged in.  After a while they will no longer need  
the card.  We really stress the privacy policy and that no one should  
know their password but themselves and the teacher.

I am in a K-5 building and students are introduced sometime in  
kindergarten with the teachers first 3 letters and their magic number  
as login and password.

Ex. for you boh7 - boh7.

It seems to work fine for most them and of course there are some who  
need help but by the end of first grade all students are successful.

Keep it simple -

While I now work in a 6-8 library, I worked for 6 years in a K-5  
building first.  All students and staff had personal logins so that  
they could safely save their work to a networked drive.  And yes, it  
was hard for the youngest students to login, so if they didn't need  
to save anything,  I would log the computers on for the class before  
they came, using a generic student password.  In my opinion, students  
from grades 3 and up should be able to learn how to login using their  
name and a password they created.  It will take some time initally,  
but it is time well spent !


I am forced to go this route.  I hate it using it for K's and first  
graders!  I don't have my K's sign in, I do whole group activities  
with a SMART Board or ask the class before them to leave their  
computers logged on.  For 1st graders we do lots of modeling, use  
cheat cards and send homework with practice log in boxes home.  I  
tell the kids that their usernames and passwords are just like  
spelling words and we talk about different ways to help us memorize  
them.  Usually, the children are highly motivated and want to use the  
computers, so they learn it.  By the end of 1st grade, I expect them  
to have usernames and passwords memorized.  By the end of 2nd grade,  
I expect them to be able to log in in under 30 seconds.  I time test  

It ceases to amaze me that a student in K won't be able to know or  
spell their last name but they sure can spell in the web  
browser window!

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