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Thanks to everyone who sent me suggestions about what 6th graders read. 
  I learned about some new authors and series.

Oooooh, a question right up my book reviewing alley!

Yankee Girl
Wagon Train 911
Fairway Phenom
Lunch Money
The Last Holiday Concert
The Janitor's Boy
Chasing Vermeer
Pictures of Hollis Woods
The Sisters Grimm series
Second Identity
Crown Me!
Escape From Memory
The Silver Crown
Walk Two Moons
Romiette and Julio
Double Dutch
Salsa Stories
Haddix's Shadow Children series
Hoop Girlz
A Week In the Woods
Invitation to the Game
Heir Apparent


Our sixth graders read a whole range of materials.  In addition to 
favorites that they share with older kids, such as Brian Jacques and 
Anthony Horowitz, they also like

Books by Andrew Clements,
No More Dead Dogs and The Chicken Doesn't Skate by Korman
Love Among the Walnuts by Ferris,
Three Days by Napoli,
Dealing with Dragons and sequels by Wrede
Lost Years of Merlin and sequels by Barron
Midnight for Charlie Bone and sequels
Sharon Creech novels
Kate DiCammilo novels, including the new one
Sammy Keyes novels by Van Draanen
Gary Paulsen books, esp. My Life in Dog Years and Soldier's Heart
National Park Mysteries such as Buried Alive by Skurzynski
Esperanza Rising and Becoming Naomi Leon by Ryan
Fame and Glory in Freedom, Georgia by O'Connor
Saffy's Angel and sequels by McKay
Novels by Konnigsburg
Don't You Know There's a War On? By Avi
Say Yes by Couloumis
The Warriors series by Hunter
Matt Christopher novels and biographies
Fred Bowen novels
Heartland novels by Brooke
Are you There God, Its Me, Margaret by Blume


I'm a middle/elementary librarian so I cover grades 1-8.  Our sixth 
graders do alot of reading.  Among the favorites -- Artemus Fowl 
(series) by Eoin Colfer
  The Dark is Rising (series) by Susan Cooper
  Cirque DuFreak (series)
  Nancy Drew (series)
  Nancy Drew and the Hardy Boys (the more modern series)
  Alice (series) by P. Naylor
  Princess Diaries (series) by Cabot
  Alex Rider (series) by Horowitz
  Shiloh (series) by Naylor
  Anastasia (series) by Lowry
  Hardy Boys by Dixon
  Eragon & Eldest by Paolini

My brain is freezing up but most of the boys like fantasy/science 
fiction and works by Gantos, Johnathon Rand, Gary Paulson, Sachar.  
Hope this helps.


You may want to contact Alice Sawyer at Baker and Taylor for some help. 
  She is an experienced librarian, worked for Follett as a Software Rep 
and is now the collection development person for B&T.  I have worked 
with Alice for ten years.
Four years ago I opened a high school library for AT RISK students in a 
choice alternative school .  I had to spend a great deal of money very 
quickly (less than 60 day) or lose it.  Alice was the first to assist 
me in all aspects of collection.

Her home e-mail is
Best of lluck to you in your new school.


Lemony Snicket series of Unfortunate Events
Redwall by Jacques
Princess Diaries by Cabot
Hatchet series by Paulsen
Eddie Dickens triology by Ardagh
Spiderwick Chronicles by Diterlizzi
My America series
Artemis Fowl series by Colfer
Harry Potter by Rowling


I'm running behind, so you probably have received tons of good answers, 
but I just want to tell you how you will LOVE sixth graders!   I was 
gone Friday morning with a team of my 6th graders at a literary contest 
(Young Hoosiers) and we had a ball!  The kids did so well.  Then the 
public librarian, who runs the contest, furnished pizza and pop and 
music for singing and dancing.  (I took fruit and veggie trays and 
someone else took chips---Borgaschmord!)
Don't underestimate them, in terms of reading.  I have a 6th grader in 
here right now---just finished Golem's Eye and MUST have Ptolemy's 
Gate!  The sixth graders are my biggest, most enthusiastic readers!~
If I don't see some great lists on the rest of my mail, I'll send you a 


You may already have these, but my 6th graders love the Hidden Children
Series (Among the Hidden, etc.) by Haddix. They also love the Janie
series by Cooney (The Face on the Milk Carton, etc.).  I also have
several 6th graders (boys and girls) reading the Spy High books and they
like the Alex Rider books by Horowitz


You may want to try a new publisher here in MN - Stone Arch Books - although it may be more on the high interest/lo 
side of things?

Some other single titles:
Fleischman, Sid.  The Giant Rat of Sumatra or Pirates Galore.   2005.  
Greenwillow.  ISBN  0060742380
Park, Linda Sue.  Project Mulberry A Novel.  2005.  Clarion.  ISBN  
Lee, Carol Ann.  A Friend Called Anne.  2005.
Sage, Angie.  Magyk. 2005.
Walker, Sally.  Secrets of a Civil War Submarine:  Solving the 
Mysteries of the H.L. Hunley.  2005.  Carolrhoda.  ISBN  1575058308


I am at a fifth and sixth grade campus in Texas.  I am
more conservative, leaning more toward elementary than
junior high type books. I try to stay away from the
boyfriend, girlfriend, kissy books.

My sixth graders like:
Brian Jacques books, The Redwall series
Jim Benton - Help!  My Pants are Haunted series
Kathryn Lasky - The Guardians of Gahool
Henry Winkler - Hank Zipzer series
Lois Lowry - The Giver series
Margaret Haddix - Among the Hidden series


I think you will see there isn't that much difference.  There is a lot 
of overlap, but the 6th graders will still enjoy some of the books that 
might be of interest at 4-5th grade.  My guess is you have these books 
already anyway.  As a help, you might try looking over the ALA best 
books for middle grades.

anything by Gary Paulsen
Lemony Snicket books
Hank the Cowdog books
the Alice books by Phyllis Naylor
Cirque du Freak books
some - low readers -  will still ask for the Magic Schoolhouse and 
Bailey School Kids books.
Joey Pigza books by Jack Gantos
These are just a few that come to mind.


I am a 6-8 school in a rural, conservative area. My 6th graders love 
Hank the Cowdog, Adventures of the Bailey School Kids, Magic Tree 
House, Little House books, and Captain Underpants. The boys love 
nonfiction books on vehicles, 4 wheelers, sports, ghosts, and animals.
The 6th graders are soooo much fun; they are very enthusiastic.


There are statistics on the QuizList page that might help you out with 
your request.  Look at

Then play with the Statistics charts along the top.  I suggest looking 
first at:

Most Popular AR Books_on Student Book Lists
And any other charts there to see what books are being read by 6th 
graders based on the books being put on QuisList Book lists.


Graphic novels, Alice series, Sonya Sones, Chasing the Falconers series


I am a high school librarian but I have a 6th grader at home and she 
often reads the same books my 9th and 10th graders like. Some of the 
books are the Alex Rider series by Horowitz, the Keys to the Kingdom 
series by Garth Nix, a Series of Unfortunate Events, the Seventh Tower 
series by Garth Nix, the Bartelmaeus (sp?) Trilogy by Stroud, Cirque du 
Freak series by Shan (more appropriate than Steven King but still about 
vampires - I have read them myself), Chronicles of Narnia by C.S. 
Lewis, the Artemis Fowl books by Eoin Colfer. Some students like the 
J.R.R. Tolkien books, especially The Hobbit. My daughter also liked 
Ender's Game by Orson Scott Card. You might also look into graphic 
novels but you have to be careful about content - Sailor Moon is okay, 
as are the classic comic book characters like Spiderman. Classics in 
graphic novel form are great for reluctant readers. I have read Bone 
and found its content okay.  I cannot recommend non-fiction based on 
experience but I like anything by Jim Murphy and Milton Metzer.  Have 
fun spending your funds!


The most popular series right now in our library is The Warriors series
by Erin Hunter.  Also popular:  City of Ember; Gregor the Overlander;
The Tale of Despereaux; Sahara Special; Hoot; Camp X; The Doll People
and The Meanest Doll in the World; Harry Potter to name a few.


Anthony Horowitz Alex Rider Adventure Series
Deltora Quest Series -- Emily Rodda
P.C. Hawke Mysteries - Paul Zindel
Spiderwick Chronicles - Tony DiTerlizzi & Holly Black
**Anything by Walter Dean Myers, i.e. Monster, Scorpions, etc.
Heartland Series  -- Lauren Brooke
Redwall Series -- Brian Jacques
Hoot ; Flush -- Carl Hiassen
**Anyhing by Ben Mikaelsen
Ida B. -- Katherine Hannigan
Olive's Ocean -- Kevin Henkes
Inkheart; Inkspell; Thief Lord -- Cornelia Funke
**Anything by Lurlene McDaniel
Edge Chronicles -- Paul Stewart
**Anything by Lois Duncan
Star Wars Series -- Nonfiction
Samuri Series of mysteries -- Hoobler's
The Beasties -- Wm. Sleator
Loch; Raptor; Rats; Doomstone -- Paul Zindel
Alice Series -- Phyllis Reynolds Naylor
Shadow Children Series (Among the Hidden, etc.) -- Margaret Peterson 
Magic Shop Series -- Bruce Coville
Chet Gecko Mysteries -- Bruce Hale
Girls of Many Lands Series (Am. Girl) -- assorted authors
** Anything by Garl Paulsen
Chronicles of Narnia -- C.S. Lewis
Eragon; Eldest -- Christopher Paolini
Series of Unfortunate Events -- Lemony Snicket
Harry Potter -- still very popular!!
Lord of the Rings  Tolkien

I almost forgot, one of our most popular authors -- Dan Gutman!!


I was not a librarian when we opened our middle school to 6th grade, 
but I was a teacher in the building.
Since I've become the librarian here, I realized that our collection 
was lacking for 6th grade.  Particularly at the beginning of the year, 
6th graders want to read a lot of the books/series that they read in 
elementary school.  I especially realized that they look for seasonal 
books.... Halloween was when I realized it, and our collection was 
sorely lacking.  Students often ask for humor/funny books like Hidden 
Talents by Lubar.  Sammy Keyes is popular with 6th graders.  They ask 
for books with pictures -- so I've been trying to purchase higher level 
picture books.
By the second sememster, the sixth graders seem more like 7th graders 
in their selections.  I do believe that as they transition from 
elementary school to middle, they like to read in their comfort 
zone.... books/authors of which they are familiar.


Jennifer Smith, Librarian
EC Heritage Middle School
San Antonio, TX

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