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Many thanks to everyone for their sugested resources for a family that needed 
information on cutting.  I've tried to consolidate some of the duplication.  Also, 
I tried to thank everyone individually, but if I missed you please know that I'm 
grateful for your input.  I also received quite a few emails that related personal 
struggles with people close to them that are or were cutting themselves.  My heart 
goes out to all of you that have had this very serious issue touch your lives in 
any way.




Linda Costelloe


Daniel Warren Elementary School

Rye Neck UFSD

Mamaroneck, NY  10543





Cut by Patricia McCormick


Bodily harm : the breakthrough healing program for self-injurers - Conterio, Karen
Bright red scream : self-mutilation and the language of pain - Strong, Marilee
Scarred soul : understanding & ending self-inflicted violence - Alderman, Tracy
Women who hurt themselves : a book of hope and understanding - Miller, Dusty



Check out the S.A.F.E. Alternatives website at 
 .  They have a list of referrals.  Maybe there is something to help you there.  
Also, you can find more materials on the subject by searching the terms 
self-injury, self-mutilation and self-abuse.


NAMI (National Association for those with Mental Illnesses may have some 
information for you. It is available on the net at If a student is 
cutting (or self-injuring) the parents should seek help from a therapist or 
psychiatrist. Good luck.


This book is used by our therapists:
Conterio, Karen. Bodily harm : the breakthrough treatment program for self-injurers 
/ Karen Conterio and Wendy Lader, with Jennifer Kingson Bloom. Publisher: New York 
: Hyperion, c1998.

This book contains a two-page bibliography of books and articles (both popular 
press and scholarly) and suggests:


1-800-DONT CUT


Or write to:

S.A.F.E. Alternatives L. L. C.

7115 West North Avenue, Suite 319

Oak Park, IL  60302


or visit their website: 


They use this video, too:
Emotion and pain understanding self-injury, an in-depth look at the secret world of 
"cutters"/ Hourglass Productions ; produced by Susan Luftman and Eric Marciano; 
directed by Eric Marciano. New York: Hourglass Productions, c2003.

Try this web resource: 


Blade Silver: Color Me Scarred by Melody Carlson



Tribes by Slade
Luckiest Girl in the World by Levenkron


Since you are compiling a hit, I'll add one more title, but it's really more for 
someone doing serious research on :

    Bodies Under Siege:Self-mutilation and body modification in culture and 
psychiatry.  Armando R. Favazza, MD

    Johns Hopkins University Press

It covers mutilative beliefs in religions and cultures, examining the spectrum of 
everything from piercing ears to things like genital mutilation, from modest 
tattoos, to ritual scarification.  So it talks about culturally sanctioned self 
mutilation, as well as the pathological practices.  It's rather heavy-duty, and 
includes things like animals and automutilation, and interestingly enough, eating 
disorders and cannibalism.  

This book is rather technical, and uses a lot of medical terminology.  It's written 
for professionals.

The truth about abuse by John Haley, Facts on File, 2005 (Has a chapter on 

Coping with self-mutilation: a helping book for teens who hurt themselves by Alicia 
Clark, Rosen Pub. Group, 1999, 

Cutting the pain away: examining self-mutilation by Ann Holmes, Chelsea House 
Publishers, 1999.  

Skin game by Caroline Kettlewell, St. Martin's Press, 1999, and a fiction book, 
Blade silver: color me scarred by Melody Carlson, Think Books, 2005


Cutting the pain away: examining self-mutilation by Ann Holmes

This book has an appendix "For More Information" that suggests:


Adolescent Psychiatric Services at Fairfax Hospital

10200 NE 132 St

Kirkland, WA  98034

800 435 7221


Butler Hospital

345 Blackstone Blvd

Providence, RI   02906 


The Cutting Edge (newsletter) 

PO Box 20819

Cleveland, OH   44120


Frederick County Mental Health Assoc

357-359 W. Patrick St

Frederick, MD   21701 


Independent Living Center of the North Shore

583 Chestnut Street

Lynn, MA   01904

(617) 593-7500

publishes the pamphlet "Women and Self Injury" and offers support groups


Institute for Bio-Behavioral THerapy and Research

935 Northern Boulevard

Great Neck, NY   11021

(516) 487-7116 


Linehan Training Group

4556 University Way NE

College Center Bldg, Suite 222

Seattle, WA   98105

e-mail: <> 


Pittsburgh Action Against Rape

81 S. 19th St

Pittsburgh, PA   15203

412 431-5665


SAFE Alternatives Program

MacNeal Hospital

Berwyn, IL

(800) DONT CUT


The Sanctuary

Friends Hospital

4641 Roosevelt Blvd

Philadelphia, PA   19124

215 831-6916 


Levenkron, Steven.  Cutting :understanding and overcoming self-mutilation

In addition to a bibliography of recommended readings, this book recommends:


Understanding Self-Injury: A Workbook for Adults.  Helps survivors understand 
self-destructive behaviors and explore alternatives via writing and drawing 
exercises.  To order send $10 for book and $1 for shipping/handling to:

Pittsburgh Action Against Rape (same as above)

81 South 19th St

Pittsburgh, PA  15203-1852


The Cutting Edge Newsletter (same as above)


SAFE Alternatives at Rock Creek Center 1-800-DONTCUT

Provides information and referrals; sends out a really good information packet on 


S.A.F.E. (Self Abuse Finally Ends

659 Dundas St

London, Ontario

Canada N5W 2Z1


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