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>Please excuse cross posting. 
>How about we inundate Oprah's show inbox like we do with our letters to 
>politicians? Let's all go to her website, click on the e-mail link and let her 
>know how we feel about all those interviews she chooses to do in libraries, giving 
>the impression that she believes this must be some important place in the school, 
>and yet NEVER says a word about them. The word library was not uttered once in her 
>whole broadcast today! Did she know anything about those library media centers? 
>Did they have dynamic programs run by credentialed library media teachers and 
>clerks or were they warehouses for books? Does she know that studies prove we 
>raise achievement? Does she know we are the best bang for the school budget, FTE 
>(Full Time Equivalent, teacher spending) buck! No other person on campus knows as 
>much as we do regarding curriculum in all classrooms, teacher needs, student 
>needs, parent needs and community concerns, we hear and could help if given the 
>opportunity (a job and proper fun!
>She says she loves reading, she even mentioned the importance that reading had in 
>her education in todays' broadcast. Does she have a clue what power can lie in the 
>hands of administrators who choose to have a strong library program in that 
>multimillion dollar building that should be the nerve center of their school? 
>We should tell her. If enough people write in maybe she will feel the need to 
>think about it and give THAT a little air time. 
>I wrote her. Why not? Maybe if we can find a way to get a little star power on our 
>side we can become more universally understood and assisted. She's an awfully 
>powerful woman who needs a little education in the area of Library Media Centers, 
>let's teach!
>Alison Steinberg, LMT
>Mar Vista Middle School
>San Diego, CA
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>>Sent: Apr 11, 2006 9:01 PM
>>Subject: [CALIBK12:6339] Did you watch OPRAH?
>>Did you watch OPRAH?
>>Today was Part One.  The CRISIS.  The Gates interviews. The rotten buildings. 
>> The pretty buildings.  The shocked kids.
>>All of which was anecdotes wrapped in hype, toasted over breathless dialog, 
>>served in ever diminishing doses as the commercials grew in number (give thanks 
>>for DVR) and the last segments descended into repetition.
>>Scenes shot in libraries with no acknowledgment of what those places might be 
>>used for.  Facts tossed out with no documentation (20 years ago the US was 
>>first in education!!!!).  High schools in disrepair that look just like the 
>>shots your local schools use to plead for bond money.  Interviews with dropouts 
>>who have learned their lesson.
>>You can get more in this week's TIME magazine or:
>>Tomorrow is Part Two.  The good news?
>>For those interested in actual facts:
>>Percent of the CA and US Population 25 Years and Over with a High School 
>>Diploma or More
>>Hint:  it's never been higher......
>>Richard K. Moore
>>Huntington Beach, CA 
>>School Libraries are Weapons of Mass Instruction
>>      Teachers who rely on textbooks for their curriculum guarantee
>> that their lessons will be obsolete. -- Marvin and Kimberley Cetron
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