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Well, I guess I didn't really forget anything important after all! ;) Just
shelve the titles alphabetically within the author's last name... Yup! Did I
mention my aide is wonderfully meticulous about our shelving??? I'm in
heaven.. Thanks everyone!!!

Here are the responses:

I am just out of library school and am wondering the same thing!  Please

Shelve it in the way that makes the most sense to your users.

alphabetical order, a-z

I am just happy if all of my Stephen King books are all on the shelves with
the other Stephen King books!  I don't get detailed with it as far as going
alphabetically by titles and series or whatever.  If your aide wants to get
specific with it, I don't think it really matters as long as she does it in
a way that makes sense to the user. I actually don't remember even learning
about this in library school!

Books should be shelved first by author's last name then title of the

You should shelve them by title - but if I get lots of requests by
number in a series - I shelve them by series.  The final point is - will
they find the book that they want.

Shelve by title, post a list in numerical order, is what I do.

I put all the FIC books by one author together. IF, and only if, time
permits I will shelve them in an order. Usually, though, if all of
King's books are on the same shelf, that is called good enough.

Some authors get an entire shelf, but most have to be content to share
the shelf with several other authors.

Technically, you're supposed to file by author then title.

Love this listserve!!!
Ellen Taylor, RHS LMS
Rossview High School
1237 Rossview Road
Clarksville, TN 37043

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