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Last month there was some discussion regarding the building of a high
school without a library. It was a dismaying idea, and I hope it is
being re-thought.

It did, however, make us re-think about the direction of our
11-year-old library. My colleague and I came to the conclusion that we
could more effectively utilize our facility by removing a third of our
print collection, and replacing this area with group activity centers,
computers and production materials and loads of comfortable seating. The
seating can easily be moved around and re-configured, if, for example a
teacher wanted to have a small group seminar.

We will be going wireless over the next year and we are seeing a trend
of students bringing in their own laptops, especially our higher level
AP students.

We also have lots of group activities, but our current round tables
that seat four just don't seem to fit their needs.

We ran our thoughts through our current principal and with the new
principal who will be taking over in the fall. Both liked our ideas, and
although I called them "radical", our new principal found them

We will also run our ideas by our technology/library coordinator as
well. She is planning a visit next Tuesday. We are also talking to
teachers, student focus groups, and have asked our drafting/engineering
students to look at our plans and come up with some innovative, but
"doable" designs.

In the meantime, we have begun to weed, really, deep-down, and
thorough! We are using Follett Destiny to look at copyright dates, and
collection usage. If it's been here since 1969 and hasn't been checked
out and we know that it hasn't been used by teachers "in-house," it's

Let us know what you think. We've put up a website with a picture of
our library and the area that will be changed along with a "before" and
"after" floor plan. The configurations aren't labeled, but you should
get the idea of the layout of our library. 

Looking forward to some constructive criticism!

Adam Janowski
Library Media Specialist
Naples High School
1100 Golden Eagle Circle
Naples, FL 34102
Phone: 239-377-2210
Fax: 239-377-2370
Library web site:
School web site:

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