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I have been requested to post a hit so here are the repsonses I received:

I don't know if they still offer this but the Companion corporation used to give 
away their Alexandria ciruclation program for free and for only one station.  It's 
not an expensive program to buy, either, which I ended up doing in order for the 
library to get free technical service.  I use it with a very small, very 
specialized library and the folks who run it and are not librarians say it's a 
pretty easy program to use.

Only advice on which NOT to use - Chancery's LibraryPro. We started with that one, 
but it was a disaster.

I work in a very small elementary library and purchased Readerware software.  I 
haven't fully implemented it yet, but it seems like it will be just fine for my 
school's needs. 

Your friend might want to look into Alexandria.  I used that for a single library 
setting and was easy to use.

I work in a small school library approximately 230 elementary students, and I only 
have one computer connected for automation.  The middle school and high school has 
about 200 students combined and  there is only one library and also one work 
station.  We have been using Alexandria at both campus for the past five years.

How small?  I have automated 7 elementary libraries all with one work station and a 
server using Follett Circ/Cat+. One library has been using a stand alone version of 
Athena but I am moving it to Follett also.  I find Follett much more user friendly 

Have a look at the list at  
This is part of a larger librarian's page at 

Also like at KOHA a Linux based automation software.  It's free.

Try a program called Caspr...I think you spell it something like it...but you will 
find it at 

I just noticed that someone recommended CASPR - our district uses it and we are 
trying valiantly to find the money to get away from it.  about half of us hate it, 
the most of the ones who don't have a problem with it have never used another 
system to know the difference.

May we suggest your friend go to our website:  
where she can read the descriptions of our software and decide which will do the 
job she needs done. And, perhaps the best part, we are currently celebrating our 
25th ANNIVERSARY with a 50% off all software sale. Hope this helps... Best 

You might want to look at our company's Surpass SL product. Surpass SL is for 
libraries with fewer than 5,000 volumes (for more volume capacity, upgrade to 
Surpass Select).  We sell Surpass SL to a lot of small public/private/charter 
school libraries.   A full price sheet is available in pdf format at: 
Our support department is outstanding and very willing to help any users who need 
the assistance.  They are experienced helping volunteers and part-time library 
Please contact me or a Surpass library automation specialist if we can be of 
further assistance!   
Diane Volzer
Communications Director
Surpass Software
517 Oothcalooga St., Ste. C, Calhoun, GA, USA 30701
Phone (706) 625.5399 ext. 120  ||  Fax (706) 625-2699 

Jennifer B. Brown
Navajo Middle School
Navajo, NM 87328

Radical Militant Librarian

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