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I have to second Kay's statements.

Kay Goss wrote:

>Some of our students have computers at home.
>Students do not have laptops to bring to school.

Some of our kids have computers at home, some don't. I've NEVER seen a 
student bring a laptop to school. I'm pretty sure that several kids have 
them, but they are smart enough not to bring them to school.

>  We have no computer lab the elementary, middle or high school. Grant money
>established labs for a few years, but did not pay for the updating and
>replacing of computers as they wore out.

We do have a lab in the elementary school - for computer classes only. 
My library computers (14 computers, 12 working) serve grades 7-12. I 
sometimes have 5th and 6th grades coming in to use the computers because 
there aren't any others. We got most of our machines from A+ money, but 
that is gone, so we replace a couple dozen each year. There are about 
250 computers on campus.

>Few teachers have laptops. The most computers in a secondary classroom is
>ten. In the elementary 2-3 per classroom.

A couple of HS rooms have plenty of computers because they got grants to 
buy them. Most rooms have 1-3 computers in them.

>Neither library has a laptop to loan to students or faculty.
>The secondary library has ten computers for student use--the elementary has
>three--not enough to accommodate an entire class.

No laptops to check out here, either. See above for our computer info.

>Our students are still reading books. They want and need to have print
>resources to take home.
>Many  teachers have reading day on Friday in their classes. Many teachers
>are using AR testing.

We have RC, and it is used quite a bit in elementary, less as kids get 
older. One HS teacher used to use it, but I don't think she does 
anymore. Some of my kids read a lot (I had to run a report for one 
student, a sophomore, and found out that she had read 298 books. She 
promptly found two more books to read, to bring her total up to 300!), 
while others aren't even in my computer because they have NEVER checked 
out a book. I just got in a new encyclopedia set, and kids have already 
picked up some of the volumes - even though they are still in their 
shrink wrap!

David Lininger, kb0zke,
MS/HS librarian
Hickory County R-1 Schools
Urbana, MO 65767
tss003 at tnp dot more dot net

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