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Holy Smokes, my pal Robert is smarter than me :>  I didn't remember ever 
seeing this on LM_NET and so didn't check the Archives.  But Robert 
knew!   So here's the previous Word Wall hit (lightning speed!)

 > Here is a listing of the words collected from everyone sorted by
 > letter, but not alphabetical.  I have tried to include all the ideas that
 > were sent to me without judgment. I apologize in advance if I missed a
 > word or two. You will note that there are a few words/terms that may be
 > specific to a certain library.
 > Some of the words may not be suitable for my school's K-5 library, but
 > they may be helpful to others working at MS and HS levels. The list
 > includes words for computer labs and media centers. I am relatively new to
 > LMS-land (a former HS teacher) and I had very little experience with
 > word walls!
 > I am also posting a second part to this HIT with word wall
 > implementation suggestions. Thanks to all who responded.  Just when I
 > thought I had
 > every possible word, someone would email me with another great word to
 > add to the list! LM_Net is awesome!
 > A- Atlas, Almanac, author, accelerated, Accelerated Reader, award,
 > alphabetical, alphabetical order, animal stories, anthology, annotation,
 > access, @your library, audio books, assessment, Athena, appendix,
 > acronyms, Applied science, The arts
 > B- Biography, Bibliography, book, bookmark, bookends, borrow, Boolean
 > operator, back button, binding, Big Book, book fair, book cover, book
 > jacket, brainstorm, boot, barcode, browser, Big 6, bold type
 > C- copyright, copyright date, cite, citation, Caldecott, call, call
 > number, Classification, caption, cover, CPU, cassettes, chair, CD, CD-ROM,
 > circulation, circulation desk, check, check-in, check-out, CIP,
 > collective, collection, countries, character, connections, continuum, cut,
 > copy, catalog, contents, computer, collaborate, critical thinking,
 > computer catalog, chapters, chapter books, climax, column (spreadsheet),
 > chart, cookie, cross-reference, cable, chat rooms
 > D- dedication, dictionary, Dewey Decimal Classification, database,
 > disk, DVD, digital camera, display, dedication, donation, desktop, decimal,
 > delete, Dewey divisions, drive, Destiny, document camera, domain
 > E- Edition, editor, edit, email, enter key, EXCEL, Easy books,
 > Everybody books, encyclopedia, English, equipment, evaluation, Explorer,
 > enjoyable, essential questions, end papers, end notes, entry, exit
 > F- file, file folder, fiction, folk tale, fairy tale, fables, footnote,
 > Flyleaf, fantasy, find, fine, front cover, font, floppy disk, fax
 > G- Groups, genres, glossary, graphic organizer, guiding questions,
 > Google, Geography, Gazetteer, Guinness Book of World Records, Generalities,
 > gather (information), globe, GIF
 > H- Hyperstudio, headsets, headphones, Historical fiction, holds, Hug
 > (your book), hard drive, hypertext, Horror, HTML, home page, hit,
 > holdings, History
 > I- Internet, images, index, information, Interlibrary loan, icon,
 > Inspiration, illustrations, illustrator, I-Mac, I-Movie, Inspiration, IM,
 > ISBN, information literacy, Internet Explorer
 > J-Joke books, Journal, jpeg
 > K-keys, keyword, keyword searching
 > L-library, library media specialist, library media center, location,
 > locate, learn, legend, label, log on, log off, Library of Congress, LCCN,
 > listen, lessons, look, literacy, literature, Literature, Language
 > M- magazine, minimize, maximize, mouse, Math, manuscript, monograph,
 > Mythology, Mystery, MLA citations, media center, media, media literacy,
 > multimedia, MacIntosh, microfiche, microfilm, memory, Mathematics
 > N- network, nonfiction, note-taking, note-taking, number, numerical,
 > newspaper, North, Netscape, Newbery, New reader books, netiquette,
 > Natural Science
 > O- online catalog, OPAC, overdue, online, Office, open access, online
 > encyclopedia
 > P- poem, poet, poetry, periodical, patron, picture, page, paperback,
 > publisher, place of publication, Philosophy, Psychology, plagiarism,
 > procedures, parts (of a book or a computer), paste, primary sources,
 > pagination, plays, plot, protagonist, PC, PowerPoint, picture books,
 > printer,
 > pourquoi tales, project, photograph, poster, peripheral, pixel,
 > photograph
 > Q- question, query, quiet, quit, quality
 > R- Reference, Realistic fiction, research, request, reserves, read,
 > reader, reading, return, rubric, rules, reboot, renew, row (spreadsheet),
 > RAM, ROM, record, Religion, Rhetoric
 > S- Science fiction, share, speakers, save, search, search strategy,
 > seeker, scroll, sentence, stacks, shelving, shelves, spine, spine label,
 > subject, subject headings, space bar, system, sound, speakers, software,
 > secondary source, series, Science, stories, short stories, Story
 > collection, spreadsheet, synthesis, search engine, shelf marker, shelve,
 > shelf, sources, setting, Story Steps, scanner, serial, slide, slide sorter,
 > style manual, Social sciences
 > T- Title, title page, thesaurus, tall tale, typing, table, table of
 > contents, tapes, text-to-text, text-to-self, text-to-world, theme, terms,
 > Toolfactory, technician, technology, teacher, tub books, television,
 > truncate
 > U-URL, understand, underline,
 > V- Verso, verse, video, videotapes, video camera, VCR, virus, volume
 > W-walk, word wall, World Wide Web, web address, web site, whisper, word
 > processing, wisdom, web, word, works cited, writer, write, who, what,
 > when, where, why, WNOR, workstation, web page
 > X-xylophone, x-ray eyes*, eXamine
 > Y-You, Young Hoosier Book Award, Yahoo
 > Z-Zip your lips, zip disk, zip drive
 > Other comments about word walls:
 > 1a. actually those are great words, but have the students create the
 > word wall---that's how they learn. I think you can see a start on ours on
 > My website--see address below and go to Inside the Library--it's the
 > last picture on the bottom.
 > WEBSITE: <>
 > 1b. the "word wall" is really at one end of a long white board.
 > Students write the words on index cards--4X6 work best--brightly colored.
 > Students write words they need to know and the definition and add it to the
 > wall. I really only do this with fifth graders(or fourth), by then,
 > they have a really good grasp of the library vocabulary, etc. Below are
 > some web sites that may help you--of course they are developed for
 > classrooms and have to adjust for the
 > library lesson times.
 > 2. As I understand the word wall, you would only add these after you
 > used them in class. These are the start of what I expect students to know
 > in 5th grade when they are ready to leave. For kindergarten, I'd do
 > words like front, back, cover, spine, call number, folk tale, fairy tale,
 > etc. This should give you some ideas.
 > 3. I have mine divided in areas of the library depending on the
 > activities that happen in that space.
 > 4. Our district, in their push for literacy, would like a word wall in
 > classrooms throughout the district K-12. It stands to reason that the
 > media center would have one too. Thanks!
 > 5. I wish I had time to think of more. You may try looking at
 > for some more ideas.

Toni Buzzeo, MA, MLIS <>
Maine Library Media Specialist of the Year Emerita
Maine Association of School Libraries Board Member
Buxton, ME 04093  

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