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Well, I'm giving it a try. I am sticking
to book 'sharing' because we already have an extensive Library site.
The students return to school on Wednesday.  It will be interesting to see
their response.
Thanks again to all for their help and suggestions.
Trish Wade
Eatons Hill State School
Marylin Terrace
Eatons Hill
Queensland AUSTRALIA
Ph 3264 9222
Fax 3264 9000 

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Sent: Wednesday, 12 April 2006 9:41 AM
Subject: [OZTL_NET] HIT: Blogs as part of the Library site,particularly
primary or elementary schools

My original post:
Is anyone using blogs as part of their Library site?  I'm particularly
looking for primary/elementary school examples. Cheers, Trish>

Many thanks to Jacquie, Cheryl, Shonda, Barbara, Anne-Marie, Ann, Susan,
Lori for their comments and advice.  I have also included a list of school
library blogs at the end of this hit.  

"I have 2 blogs.  Both are links off my regular library site.  The url of
the library page is in my signature.  One blog - RACHS reads is a place that
I use to post book annotations to entice readers.  I hope someday that kids
will take it over.  The other blog is called Wanderings and is my
professional library blog - plus I also use it to notify my teachers of
interesting links, library news etc. On the wanderings blog, I have a
posting that lists many examples of student blogs.  You might want to look
at that posting specifically. The direct url for that article is: 
Blog: "

"Mine is in the early stages - not too much on there but I am working on it.
It's  It is a lot of fun, though. I plan
to put book reviews on there."

"We're using a blog for our Freshman Book Club.  One of the English teachers
and I are monitoring and posting information or "prompts" for the blog."

"I am....because our network here is unusable, plus I wanted to have
something that I could update quickly whenever and wherever I am. Sadly I
still do not have enough time to keep them as current as I would like. I
thought I would let student librarians do this, but they are not reliable
enough...or I don't have the time to spend with them making it work. Our
library system cannot show students new books so I thought that would be
useful, but it is a huge job. They really don't get visited enough to make
them worth spending a lot of time on them and I am having difficulties
promoting them to teachers. I am also cautious, because blogs are getting a
lot of publicity here (2 people jailed for subversive blogs!). Not that I
have anything untoward on mine, but I think that Admin may get nervous and
tell me to pull them. and my
personal blog (I also have trouble keeping up with this one) "

"I just started a "blog experiment" as part of my website about eight weeks
ago.  You can see it by clicking on my website address, and clicking on
"blog and podcast" in the upper left-hand corner. I'm using it for general
announcements as well as for lesson-related stuff.  For example, one of my
third grades is putting on a play, so I asked them to post a description of
which character they most resemble and why.  I've just posted our very first
podcast through the blog, too. I really like this blogging site.  It's  It's one of the few blogging sites our
internet filter lets through. The best feature is that you can set up the
blog so that all student comments come to you first via e-mail, and then you
can approve, edit, or delete the comment.  I was concerned that my young
students would have to remember a password, or that their older siblings
which post stuff I wouldn't want on my blog, but the set-up of this blog
allays that fear. (I believe you can give older students a password, but I
like the idea of having everything come to me first.) I wouldn't say it's
been completely problem-free; I just had a problem over the weekend with a
series of comments from a few families that I could either approve or
"hide," but couldn't edit.  The kids had used their first names in their
comments, which is a big no-no on our school website, but the darn blogging
website wouldn't let me edit those particular comments.  I ended up copying
their message, changing the first names to initials only, and re-submitting
it to the blog from my own e-mail address.  Now today, I had three more
comments, all of which went through fine.  I have no clue what the problem

"I have just written a paper for the ACEC and SLAQ conference on blogs in
education and libraries. It is now going through a peer review process so I
cannot release it to you. I have a blog where I document the events of my
own school library, although it is more for personal reflection than
anything else. You can have a look if you like at  The learning place has a blog space set
up which I have not used, but one of the learning place mentors would be
able to guide you through the process. "

"I JUST started getting a library blog going.  I used a site called class
blogmeister and I found it at .  It is set up for
educators and has a nice feature of teacher approval of all comments before
they can be posted.  The only problem I'm  having is learning how everything
works.  There is a page on the site with some directions but not everything.
I'm just new at the whole blogging thing and don't know the ins and outs
yet.  The way I have it set up (for now) is for classrooms to interact with
my blogs instead of individual students.  I guess it's my way of controlling
it until I feel more comfortable with it. You can check it out if you'd
like, but understand that it is still in the "testing" stage.  No real class
comments yet.  I'm working on a direction sheet for teachers to follow on
how to log in and comment.  To see it, go to the site above, .  Let me know what
you think!"

"I have a blog of my own and recently I've been wondering whether I should
include it and other library blogs in my website.  I have my website
separated into three sections: Students, Teachers, and Parents.  I might end
up including blogs on the parent page."

" I am just starting...."

School Library Blogs

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