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Here's a question especially (but not only) for those of you who manage a library 
solo and are responsible for coordination of equipment (TVs/VCRs/DVD players; 
digital cameras; videocameras, etc.): What system have you used that works well and 
takes the least amount of effort and time from your day?
This has been my first year in my library (no aide and none coming anytime soon), 
and I've been coordinating equipment through a shared Outlook calendar that anyone 
can check but not add reservations to. They are supposed to check for availability 
and then email me with their request if it's available when they need it. While I 
still think that takes less time than everyone just asking me without having 
somewhere to check first, it does take on average an hour of my time every day to 
coordinate all this equipment (including tracking it down when it doesn't return). 
I'm considering a system for next year of a manual notebook housed in the library 
that anyone who wants to borrow equipment must physically come and check and write 
in their reservation. I'm wondering, though, if this will save me time in the end.
I found lots in the archives about caring for equipment and ways to circulate it, 
but nothing about a coordination system. Suggestions? I'll post a HIT. Thanks!
Nancy KapLon, MLS
The SEED Public Charter School
Washington, DC

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