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Thank you very much for all your help!  Our good LM_NET friend Dan Robinson 
jokingly suggested I should wait until after my interview to post the hit, and it 
almost worked out that way!
  For anyone who missed the original post, I was wanting ideas on topics to check 
up on before my preliminary interview tomorrow.  (I have to impress this admin lady 
first before I can talk to the principals.)  I am trying to get back into the 
library field after a few years' absence.  As I said in my posting, I'm confident I 
can do the job, I just didn't want any surprises in the interview.  
  Responses fell into two general categories.  the first is library trends, and the 
second is more situational.  Sorry I can't credit everyone--I forgot to ask in my 
posting for permission to use names.  I also apologize for the formatting, because 
some bizarre things happened when I pasted the replies!
  Here I go!  Somebody out there needs me!
  Cindy Denning
  once and future librarian
  Collinsville, TX
  Part 1

Reading/test scores, blogs, wikis, Guided Inquiry (related to Big Six), Technology,

Budgets/job cuts, lexiles and levels students are allowed to check out, 
collaboration, Internet dependence and evaluation,
state standards

Part 2

* . . .  The principal was delightful and told me up front that he knew little of 

regular library happenings, and I don't think he really cared much about 
circulation statistics and such.   . . . He needs staff who either know how to use 
this equipment (technology) OR who aren't afraid to figure it out and give it a 

I think the technology advances are hard for all of us to keep up with, 

and he's feeling the pressure to use it but doesn't know how, either.  

The other things we talked about were special programs to get kids 

involved.  We also discussed a coffee bar setup outside the library with a café 

*Find out about the school- what is their educational philosophy?  Are they using 
AR?  What is the yearly materials budget?  Will there be an aide? Full time? Part 
time?  What databases are they currently subscribed to?  How current is their 
collection?  Is it a fixed schedule?  How many classes a week?  Will you be 
responsible for Audio Visual?  Will you be responsible for the book fair? Do they 
have a book fair?  What classroom research projects is the present librarian 
working on?  What do they consider the strengths of the library program?  What 
would they like to see improved?  Are there any renovation plans in the works?  Ask 
to walk through the collection? Where is your desk? Who do you directly report to?  
What are the hours of the library? Are you open after school? Are you paid extra 
for after school or summer?  What do you bring to the table? (committees that you 
have served on in school and community... special collections, bibliographies, and 
curriculum that
 you have created... be prepared to brag a little about
cooperative projects that have succeeded... be prepared to give an example of a 
real disaster and how you successfully coped and turned the situation around.—From 
Lisa Von Drasek
*Always bring the discussion back to "what is good for the children".

*Probably more than "library school" information may be your approach to handling 
some of the issues that come up here a lot. You might ask if there is a policies 
and procedures manual; handling book challenges; opinions on filters (try to find 
out in advance whether or not the school uses them so you don't shoot yourself in 
the foot!); ask about library usage by kids and teachers and be prepared to express 
your position on collaboration and need for administrative support (have some facts 
from the Lance studies); what is the relationship between the library and the tech 
dept; is there a regional consortium for purchasing and support; try to glean the 
attitude of the principal about the library especially with regard 

to flexible or fixed scheduling;   

Maureen S. Irwin

Library Director

Rye Country Day School

Rye, NY 10580 

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