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Thank you to everyone who responded!  I have pasted the replies together
by book so I did not include the names of the contributors.

Thanks again,

Original Post:

I am have had some requests for the books below, but have seen mixed
reviews.  Please let me know if you are familiar with any of them and
ifyou feel they belong in what will soon be a 6-8 library.
> Thank you!
> Inside Out by Terry Trueman
> The Mediator Series by Meg Cabot
> The Georgia Nicolson Set (Angus, Thongs, and Full Frontal Snogging)


Inside Out by Terry Trueman
This one would be more for 8th and up.  It's a great book but
does have some mature content.

INSIDE OUT does have more language than most of the other
books in the library but I feel it is excellent and the kids like it,
not, I think, because of the language.

Although Booklist has Inside Out recommended for grades 7-10, I agree 
with the more conservative rating from SLJ of grades 9 Up.  The main 
character in the book is 16.  I have read the book and it is my opinion

it is more appropriate for a high school audience than middle school.

inside out is by truman was absolutely awesome, riveting and although I
am typically a compassionate person, I will never look at schizophrania
the same way.  I gave it to my son to read 6th grade summer.  He whose
reading comprehension is 2 grades below his age, and does not like
reading, loved it....and yet
I did not purchase it in my K-8 library...At times it just seemed too
intense...I went back and forth about it for a long time.  I might have
done differently if my library was just 6-8, especially if I had
specific requests.  
Regardless of whether you purchanse it or not...PLEASE read it.  It's
short and suspenseful and you won't regret it.

In my 6-8 school last year, we had Terry Trueman as a visiting author.

I read all three of his books that were available at the time
inside out).  I was very nervous about his visit especially for the
graders.  The book Inside Out is probably fine for the more mature 6th
grader.  7/8th graders would be fine with it.  


>The Mediator Series by Meg Cabot
 Some of Meg Cabot's book are more geared toward upper school
students.  I'm not familiar with this one, though.  She's a
great one for chick lit.

I also have The Mediator series in the library and have heard no 

I have the Mediator Series by Meg Cabot at the high school and really
like it.  Basically, it is about a young teenage girl who is a mediator,
someone who can see and communicate with ghost.  Her job is to assist
the ghost is reaching the "other side."  She also has a romance with
Jesse, who himself is a ghost.  I have read all of the books in the
series.  They remind me a lot of Ghost Whisperer.  They are tame.  The
main character goes to a private Catholic school where the priest is
also a Mediator.  He provides the "spiritual" and guidance that she
needs (she doesn't always take it though).  In the first book, you get
to meet her and you understand that although she goes to the private
Catholic school, she herself is not a Catholic.  In fact, she states
that she does not really know what happens to the ghost in the "other
world" and doesn't really want to know.  There is a scene in which she
kinda challenges Father D.', assertion of Heaven but it is pretty tame. 
She does perform an exorcism to ride the school of an evil ghost but
again, it is pretty tame and the priest expresses remorse and dismay
that she chose that route.  In the next book, she understands more from
Father D. how and why she must use her powers to "help guide" the ghost
instead of relying on physical force or exorcisms.  Each one gets better
as Suze starts to fall in love with Jesse and must confront who she
really is.
 I don't see a problem with them being in the middle school as they are
not anything the kids don't see on NBC.

The Mediator series by Meg Cabot is appropriate for a 6-8 library but
be a bit too sophisticated for 6th graders. I have them in my k-8
library in
the Young Adult section for 7th and 8th. They are not great literature
they are entertaining.

>The Georgia Nicolson Set (Angus, Thongs, and Full Frontal
 This one is fine for middle school and definitely a chick lit
selection.  My girly girls love her stuff.  The Britishisms can
be a bit of a challenge but the gals usually figure it out.

The Georgia Nicolson series is a lot of fun. The titles are really the
only offensive part. I have them all.

I can tell you that I have the Georgia Nicholson series, and the girls
love them!  They stay off of the shelf.  However, I have not personally
have them, and have not had any complaints so far.  A fellow teacher has
read the first one because of the title;  she didn't think anything was
wrong with it though it wasn't her kind of book.

I have all the Rennison books.  My 8th grade girls love them.

Kids LOVE the Georgia Nicolson books, and I have them in my 6-8
library, although I do try to steer 6th graders away from them.

I love the Georgia Nicholson series.  They are outrageous and off the 
wall.  Some people may have a problem with them because Georgia speaks

honestly and very teen-like.  She worries about the possibility of 
being a lesbian and has all sorts of normal worries that teen age girls

have.  I think the books are very middle school appropriate.  I have 
had one parent concern about one of the books, but no complaint filed. 

I only have the Georgia Nicolson series by Louise Rennison.  It is
popular with some of my girls. I read the first two & found nothing
was too graphic for my suburban middle school. 

Rennison's series is extremely
popular and some of the staff have read one or more of them as well
like them. One of the LA teachers recently presented it at our monthly
staff book group.

I also have the Georgia Nicholson books in the high school.  The first
one is tame enough for the middle school but I don't know about the rest
of the series.  As Georgia gets older, she starts to "experiment" with
the boys a little bit more.  The other thing about the book is that they
are British and you need to follow along with a dictionary (in the back
of the book) to be able to understand some of the slang.  I love these
books as they are very funny!!!!!

The Georgia Nicholson books 
are fine for middle school, might be a little much for 6th graders and

some immature 7th, but definitely ok for 8th graders.

 We have the Georgia Nicolson books and 
they are very popular. They are an the edgier side of middle school
so it would depend on your community, but in general I would say, 

While I enjoy reading the Angus, Thongs, and Full-frontal Snogging
books myself, I would not recommend them for 6-8.  They are full of bad
attitude and bad examples. I consider them equivalent to pure junkfood.

Angus and Thongs is one of the books the district LA dept bought for
lit circle class sets. We've used it in 8th grade (student choice from
range of books) with no problems.

I began reading but did not finish Angus, etc. I have
mixed feelings about it appropriateness in a middle school library. 

We also had the Georgia Nicolson books in that library.  We didn't
circulate them to the 6th graders but we did to the 7/8th graders.

Nicholson books - probably not

All of the Books

I'm the librarian at Monticello Trails in Shawnee, KS, which
is a suburb of Kansas City.  I have all of the titles you've listed
below, and feel comfortable with them in my library.  There might be a
mention or two of sex, and a word here or there, but after reading
I decided they were ok in my library.  Since every school and area is
different, you might try reading them to see how comfortable you are
with them, and just add them afterwards if that's your decision.  Just
thought :) 

I would say okay for the 8th end, but feel you should leave them for
older.  My 8th and 9th graders really like that last two items.

I have 3 of Trueman's titles, including Inside Out, the Mediator series
the Nicolson set in our middle school library. 

Basically you have to look to "community standards" when
debating  whether to buy some titles. If it's controversial, I like to
sure I have good book reviews to go along with them. It is also
to have "something for everyone" and there are times when a 6-8 grade
seems like lightyears apart in taste, maturity and need. It's a tough
juggling act somedays.

I have Inside Out and the Georgia diaries in my YA section for grades 7
& 8 
only. The Georgia books are very popular with my girls and so far, no
one has 
complained. The Inside Out book was checked out only once by a very
advanced reader who thought it was very sad & heavy, but good.

 I have all the books you mentioned in my 6-8 library. They're very
popular with the kids, and I've had no complaints.            

We have all of them here. We have some 6th graders reading Mediators, 
more 7th. The Nicholson books are very popular with 7th. Inside Out is

pretty 8th grade.

I have read the Cabot and Nicolson books and I really enjoyed them.  I
have a Pk-6 school and wouldn't put these books in my library.  I think
I would put them into the 7-9 JHs here in my district because I think
our community wouldn't have any problems with these books.  They are NOT
excellent literature, but they are very entertaining storytelling. 
These are books that YA's will read!!!  There is no explicit sex and the
violence is no worse than CSI or LOST.  Read one from these series
before you make your decision.
I have Inside Out and Angus, Thongs, and Full Frontal Snogging in my
5-8 library.  However, I have a section of books set aside for only 
7th & 8th graders, which is where those books are located.

Paula Niemeier
Library Media Specialist
School of the Osage Junior High
Lake Ozark, MO 65049


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