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Hi Everyone,

I am sorry I didn't post the responses I received. I'm new at this. Here are a few: 

Kids of all type LOVE the Bluford Books.  And, they're only $1 each.

I've also had a lot of luck with 
Bronx Masquerade
Freak the Mighty
Anthony Horowitz books
Spiderwick Chronicles
Night Hoops by Carl Deuker
Tangering by Edward Bloor
Among the Hidden and the others in the series by Margaret Peterson Haddix
I have read several and purchased all of the Orca Soundings series. About 100 
pages, easy reads, about contemporary
So B. It by Weeks
Heart of a Champion by Deuker 
Same Stuff as Stars by Paterson
Surviving the Applewhites by Tolan
A Dance of Sisters by Porter
Touching Spirit Bear by Mikaelson teens and their problems.
If you haven't already, you'll want to check out YALSA's annual list of recommended 
reading called Quick Picks for Reluctant Young Adult Readers.  You can view lists 
from 2006 back to 1996.  Please be aware, though, that the books on the lists are 
for 12-18 year olds, so some of them won't be appropriate for your 11-14 range.  
Another possible list for you is Popular Paperbacks.  Last year they compiled a 
list called "Books that Don't Make You Blush."  Most of these would be a good fit 
for 11-14 year olds.  You can access both lists from here:  Lastly, I'm attaching a list of sports titles that we 
compiled for a recent reading incentive program.  Again, those are for 12-18 year 
olds, so you will want to follow up on their age appropriateness for your students 
by checking reviews.  Thanks for all the hard work you do to get teens reading! 
I have some  book lists that you might find useful.  In the left column of this 
page there are “For guys” books, YA Books that “Hook You”,  High interest/Lo Read 
and many others.  Use freely.
 Those guys are a tough sell, I know.  Maybe you want to check out the For Harry 
Potter Fans list too.
I have found my boys like to read Walter Dean Myers and Carl Deuker on
sports. The Townsend Press books are Hi-Lo and very cheap. There is a
series on high school kids but at a low reading level. I buy several
copies - they are paperback, short and lively. They are not about sports
necessarily but I do find my kids like them.

Rebecca Endlich
This was posted on the IASL list serve. It has lots of useful links.

Subject: [IASL-LINK] Reading Interests of Boys

The following material was circulated in Manitoba by Margaret Stimson, 
listerserv manager.
If you would like to follow up on any item, please go to the website 
If you would like to subscribe, contact Margaret or see the notes below.

There seems to be a lot of interest in the reading habits of boys. The 
following links go to resources that have something to do with that topic.

Me Read? No Way! A Practical Guide to Improving Boy's Reading Skills
Download this 60 page document from Ontario Education for lots of practical 
suggestions based on 13 Strategies for Success.

Boys and Girls Differ in Their Reading Habits
Teacher Librarian magazine article

Guys Read
Site by Jon Scieszka who wanted to help boys "find stuff they like to 
read". The site is edgy and should definitely appeal to boys. The 
downloadable posters and bookmarks might get them there as much as he 
searchable guides to good story choices.

Tips to Encourage Reading: ALA Teen Read site
The Reader's Bill of Rights can be found at this web page. You'll also find 
book lists and tips to encourage reading.

If Your Boy Won't Read
You'll find many good suggestions and lists at this site from Scholastic

Official Roald Dahl Web
Lots of fun things for Middle Years students to see and do at Roald Dahl's 
site. Who wouldn't want to read his books after playing at this site? Users 
have to register. Adults are NOT allowed according to ne cartoon sign that 
is waved back and forth on one of the pages. Roald Dahl died (1990) before 
the Internet developed as it is. We can only imagine he'd be pleased with 
his official web site.

Teens at Random Author's web sites 

2 books that come to mind immediately with great success with my 8th grade

"Full Tilt" by Neal Shusterman

"Gregor the Overlander" by Suzanne Collins

The Bluford series by Townsend Press is a great series for middle school
boys and girls especially in the urban area. They deal with social
pressures from drugs to guns. In the end the main character always makes the
right choice. They can be found on Townsend's website for 1.00 each in
paperback. I have not found them in hardback.
Take a look at Jon Scieszka's site

The Lance Armstrong books and sports bios have been
big in the nf area here. The Horowitz Alex Rider
series is also popular.
Here are some favorites among my boys:

Tangerine - Bloor

You Don't Know Me - Klass

Touching Spirit Bear - Mickelson (I think)

Beast / Monster / Autobiography of My Dead Brother - Walter Dean Myers

Inventing Elliott - (can't remember the author)

The Body of Christopher Creed - Plum-Ucci

Alex Rider series by Horowitz. Doesn't fit into any of the categories you
mentioned but the boys are crazy for them. I've read them and they are James Bond without the martinis and bikinis

Travel Team - Lupica

High Heat - can't remember the author. This is a sports book, as is Travel

Slot Machine - Lynch

Joanne Khoury
IS10 Queens
New York

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