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This got me curious, so I decided to check it out.  I started with Google (keyword 
"Scott Savage"), and got ten pages of hits, but none from sites I am familiar with, 
none of the networks or news agencies.  I skimmed over all the pages and found lots 
of what seemed to be very strongly conservative sites, lots of blogs.  One of the 
sites listed the university involved as Oregon Health and Science University.  All 
the rest cited Ohio State.  There were maybe a dozen what appeared to be extraneous 
  Next, I wondered if perhaps this might be some new urban legend, so I went to the 
urban legends section of and searched "Scott Savage," OSU lawsuit, and 
Ohio State University lawsuit, with no results.
  I decided that it would be a good idea to check the news sites, so I went to,,,, and and searched "Scott 
Savage."  None of these had this story.  One of them (sorry, by now I can't 
remember which was what) found several citations from WorldNet Daily.  I'm not 
familiar with that one.  Several sponsors kept turning up. seems to 
have an author by that name, or maybe they just assume that everyone you search on 
a news site is an author. said they had I think it was 28 Scott 
  I wasn't really doing serious research on this, so I didn't take notes, but what 
I gathered is that Savage recommended a book (maybe several books) regarded as 
anti-gay and the university was investigating him for sexual harrassment.  This 
apparently occured at some kind of committee meeting where he was asked for 
recommendations.  A very conservative Christian group threatened a lawsuit if the 
investigation was not dropped.  It seems that the investigation has now been 
dropped, but whether that was due to outside pressure, or whether they just decided 
that the whole thing was unnecessary I don't know.  The committee evidently did 
ask, and I would think--personal opinion here--they could have voted down his 
recommendations without all the hoopla.
  Since I didn't find any sources that I know to be authoritative and unbiased, I 
don't think we really know any more now than before.  If anyone has some time on 
his hands, itmight be interesting to know the real story.  Now I've had my little 
break looking for this, it's time to do someting constructive, like putting my 
little would-be night-owl daughter to bed.
  Happy reading!  (and I promise, no more postings for a few days!--I think.)
  Cindy Denning
  once and future librarian
  Collinsville, TX
  Computers will never replace books.  Who wants to curl up in bed with a good 

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