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Interesting to contemplate the implications:

Be Polite, E-Polite
Two faculty members at the University of Oregon have added ³netiquette² to
the syllabus.

Lamia N. Karim, an assistant anthropology professor had gotten more than
enough e-mails from students asking for directions to the library, or the
bookstore, she said. So when she picked up a February New York Times article
entitled ³To: Subject: Why Itıs All About Me,² the
next step became clear.

The article is about how close e-mail has brought students and professors.
So close, that students take the liberty of filling professorsıs in-boxes
with everything from criticisms of classmates to grade venting and questions
about how to shop for school supplies.

³E-mail has absolved the boundary between professors and student and made us
into some kind of surrogate caretaker,² Karim said.

After she read the Times article, Karim, who said netiquette is a frequent
topic of conversation among her colleagues, decided to add e-mail guidelines
to her syllabus.

Be sure to also read the article in the university newspaper and a
commentary written by a student.

And for an additional insight look at this Time article and pay attention to
what college professors are saying about incoming students.,10987,1174696,00.html

If we consider that the explosive use of technology has occurred among youth
really in just the last several years, this raises some sobering thoughts.
Are we raising a new generation of youth who are addicted to multitasking,
which is interfering with their ability to focus and thereby to learn
anything in depth? Are we raising a new generation to demonstrate absolutely
no respect in their electronic writings for those in positions they really
ought to respect, not to mention peers? How are these young people going to
fare if they take the same attitude to an employer?

Is this just the tip of what is likely to be a major problem? A younger
generation that can only think on the surface and has no manners.


Nancy Willard, M.S., J.D.
Center for Safe and Responsible Internet Use

Cyberbullying and Cyberthreats: Responding to the Challenge of Online Social
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