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Shonda Brisco <sbrisco@FWCDS.ORG> Wrote:
> While we might look at the surface of this issue and take sides based upon >whose 
>agenda is being attacked, I think one of the major concerns I have is >the >idea  
>that when a university librarian offers suggestions, he is being >accused >of 
> How many >of us have a "clearly balanced" collection on all topics that might >be 
>offensive to others?  
> I'm not flaming anyone....I'm just asking the profession to think beyond the 
> initial situation and ask "how would this affect me?"  route to take today?
> (Sorry, it's just one of those days....I had to "rabblerouse" a little...)
> ~Shonda
Hi Shonda and Fellow LM_Netters,
I guess I am part of the rabble that has been roused:

I do agree that the larger issue is a librarian’s freedom to offer suggestions 
without being attacked for those suggestions. However, there are always limits to 
what I will bring in to make a “balanced collection.” I’m not going to offer books 
about  how to make a bomb, how to commit suicide, etc. And I’m not going to bring 
in hate literature that disparages races, ethnic groups, etc. So the question is 
whether anti-gay literature is hate literature. I say yes, it is. Certainly, 
anti-gay literature can be harmful in high school and college settings when we 
consider that among high school and college students:

•84% personally had been verbally harassed at school because of their sexual 

•27.1% had been physically harassed because of their gender expression; 11.5% had 
been assaulted on that basis; 

•64.3% felt unsafe in their school because of their sexual orientation; 

•LGBT students are far more likely than their non-gay peers to run away from home, 
to experience academic problems, and to struggle with substance abuse, low 
self-esteem, and depression; 

•Gay youth are 4 times as likely than their non-gay counterparts to have attempted 

(Source: Lambda Legal Defense and Education Fund. Fact Sheet. 

As the advisor of CRHS South GSA, I am often citing these facts and see the harmful 
effects of harassment firsthand.

Just my thoughts from one of the rabble ---

Debra Gniewek
CRHS South
2002 Rock Way
Holland, PA 18966

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