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Hi Friends,
Below are the two responses I received to my question about elementary library 
Thank you to those who responded.
And if anyone has anything different from these then please feel free to still 
Nancy Shugart
Retired Elementary School Teacher
Austin, TX

1st response:
My children's school invites community members to come and read to the kids
and talk to them about their profession, education, love for reading, etc.
They are usually notable people...the mayor, the basketball coach at the
university, the star of the semi-pro soccer team.  They read picture books
that relate to their profession.  The kids love getting to meet a "star"!
Plus, it's a pretty impressive reminder that reading is important for
success!  The program is called "Reader Role Models".  The kids love it when
they hear a Reader Role Model is coming to school. :)
I have developed a relationship with a professor who teaches communications
at the university.  She teaches storytelling each semester.  We have been
very fortunate to have her storytellers come and perform for us.  They
usually perform folk tales.  My 398.2s fly off the shelves after they visit!
I believe both of these programs are tremendously worthwhile!
Mary Alice Hudson
Media Specialist
Cape Fear Elementary
Rocky Point, NC
2nd response:
Hi Nancy,
We don't have assemblies per say, but we do have librarians from the local public 
library come into our school library to present a book talk. Throughout
the day, teachers are invited to bring their classes, and the librarian talks about 
various books at the public library for particular age groups. If the
speaker is good and shows a lot of enthusiasm, the students get a lot out of it. 
The books are usually on high-interest topics, so many of the kids end
up asking the librarian several questions about the books at the end of the book 
talk. Many of them want to know if we have the books in the school library.
One librarian presented a poetry reading, and the kids loved it. The poems were 
humorous and dealt with familiar topics. It was a great way to get them
interested in poetry. Again, the speaker has to be engaging or the kids will get 
quite restless.
Other possible ideas: a local politician, college sports star, doctor, business 
owner, artist, musician, etc.---someone the kids could look up to---could
talk to the kids about their careers and the importance of reading and maybe share 
some of their favorite childhood books with the kids. Perhaps you could
even have parents, other teachers, and the administration in your school come in 
and share their reading experiences with the kids. This could be a powerful
I hope this helps.

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