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Hello everyone
I have to weigh in here and say that, having read the link sent by Shonda  in 
the original post 
( ),  and the 
42-page letter linked from that page, I have 2 major observations:
1.It is FASCINATING how the Internet has opened up documents to us that we  
would NEVER have stumbled across in pre-digital days.  The letter and the  
emails it includes make interesting reading. It also is a reminder to me to make  
SURE that I mean what I say in any email I send, because you never know when  
some librarian you don't even know might end up reading it. :)
2. From reading the letter (which was sent to by the ADF to OSU  Mansfield 
administrators), I was most bothered by the apparent  lack of credentials on the 
part of the authors that this librarian was  recommending.  The committee was 
supposed to be selecting "scholarly"  works, and these writers didn't seem 
terribly credible. Without being there  we can't know how hostile the 
interaction was among committee members, but I  would be disappointed to hear that 
reference librarian recommended a  collection of titles written by "crackpots" 
(according to the letter one of the  authors had appeared on "Jerry Springer", 
for crying out loud...) rather than  true experts in their fields.  
Also, since we were not there, it is difficult to say whether the  harassment 
charge was unfounded.
Just my thoughts.
Back to regular programming.
Liz Hane
Reynolds Elementary
Augusta GA
_LJH79@aol.com_ ( 

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