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Fellow LMers:

This HIT is long overdue and for that I appologize.  I have taken over 9 pages of 
information on free online databases/websites and have cut it down to a 2 page 
handout of the most essential databases that I felt my staff and students in an 
International setting would find the most useful.  Below you will find my original 
Target followed by the information that I have cut and paste from the document I 
created.  I hope that you find some of this useful as well!

I am currently teaching a course for 9th graders on Information Skills.  For the 
lessons on online databases I would like to develop a list of the best free online 
databases to be used for research (such as information please almanac, etc).  I 
have several, but I thought I would call upon the collective wisdom of this group 
to provide the best of the best.  If you wouldn't mind sharing some of your 
favorites, along with the URL, I will compile the suggestions and send out a HIT so 
that we can all benefit.

Awesome Stories


            This free subscription databases offers a plethora of primary source 
documents for many different events in history.  


Best of History Web Sites


            The jumping off point lists 10 broad topics to choose from before 
directing you to a listing of quality websites specific to that topic.


Digital History


            A quality research tool for high quality historical resources organized 
much like a digital textbook offering direct links to primary sources as well as 
various other multimedia links.


Earthtrends: the Environmental Information Portal


            Looking for information on environmental, social or economic issues 
that are shaping our world today?  This is a great place to start researching!


Elemental Data Index


            This site compliments the WebElements Periodic Table 
(, another useful source, offering specific information 
on periodic elements and their properties.


The Encyclopedia Mythica


            Everything and anything related to the ancient world of myths and 


Foreign Government Resources


            Organized and maintained by the University of Michigan Library this 
site lists, first by continent, then by country, various documents related to their 


GEO-3 Data Compendium


            This database provided by the Global Environment Outlook, reports on 
global statistics on population, climates, health, etc.


National Institutes of Health


            Complied by the U.S. government this site offers great links to a vast 
array of information, including information on body systems and diseases.


Occupational Outlook Handbook


            An great resource provided by the United States government on various 

Science Daily Magazine


            Offers a collection of links to the most recent science, technology and 
medical research results from leading universities and organizations around the 

State Department Background Notes


            Prepared by the regional bureaus of the U. S. Department of State, 
Background Notes are factual publications about the land, people, history, 
government, political conditions, economy, and foreign relations of independent 
states, some dependencies, and areas of special sovereignty.  They include 
excellent overviews of history and economics for each country or region.  


Timeline of Art History


            "Timeline of Art History is a chronological, geographical, and thematic 
exploration of the history of art from around the world, as illustrated especially 
by the Metropolitan Museum of Art's collection."


United Nations Cyber School Bus


            This official UN website, built especially for educators, offers 
country information along with information on the United Nations and their areas of 
interest.  One interesting feature is their country comparison charts offering many 
different levels of comparisons.


U. S. Census Bureau International Dababase


            Just as the title indicates, this databases has current population 
demographics for international countries.


World  Factbook


            Offers a huge collection of information from country history to 
military information to various political, social and economic issues the country 
is facing.


World Newspapers


            Contains a collection of direct links to an extensive list of 
newspapers published around the world.



New York Public Library Free Online Databases


In addition New York Public Library has taken the time to index over 170 free 
online databases along with brief summaries of these databases.  Included in this 
list of databases are very specific sites such as Europa, which lists current 
information on the countries in the European Union, to general databases such as 
World Factbook or Barteby's Reference database.  There is something for everyone on 
this site!


Leanna Giesige
Teacher Librarian
International School of Ouagadougou
Burkina Faso, West Africa

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